Drew Barrymore Shows Off Growing But Still Unconfirmed Baby Bump At Spring Photo Shoot


Drew Barrymore surfaced earlier this week at a photo shoot at The Huntington Library in San Marino, California. Dressed in a pretty floral dress, belted at the waist, it really accentuated her growing baby bump. Now, ever since we first saw that pic of her with a sonogram, we seem convinced that she is pregnant, BUT, it hasn’t actually been officially 100% confirmed yet. These pics seem obviously pointing to the fact that Drew is pregs IMHO, and she is glowing and gorgeous, but I guess we can’t say for sure because we haven’t heard it officially, right? Check ‘em out for yourself…

In the gardens of The Huntington Library Drew looks perfectly springtime chic. I love the parasol and the pretty pink florals – she is even blending in with the blooming flowers. This hippie, flower child meets vintage girlishness is Drew’s look down pat. She looks beautiful in this quaint and old world photo shoot, and clearly pregs, right? The black waist belt which she is wearing higher up than normal, seems to be to be totally highlighting a burgeoning bump. I respect her and fiance, Will Kopelman’s decision to keep the news private for now, but I personally cannot wait until we can be officially excited for this mom-to-be. We also have the unconfirmed news of when her wedding will be… ugh, so much uncertainty surrounding Drew at the moment. C’mon, Ms Barrymore – we want to get excited for you!! Tell us everything.


  • Sarah

    Drew is so private. I bet she doesn’t announce it until its absolutely clear she is pregnant. Like Angelina did with Shiloh.

  • shoesofpink

    She looks amazing! I def see a bump in that profile pic. So cute! I can’t wait until her and her fiance announce it officially!

  • Such a cute outfit!

  • Megsterg

    Why did you choose to put up the first pic? That is an awful picture of her. I’d be really mad if that was me lol.