Courtney Love Launches Her First Art Exhibition In NYC


Courtney Love debuted her first art exhibition in New York’s art district of Chelsea last night at the Fred Torres gallery. This is Courtney’s first public display of her art and is an exhibition of works on paper. Today the gallery opens to the public, and we can get further insight into Courtney’s thoughts and processes through a series of drawings she calls ‘And She’s Not Even Pretty.’ The exhibition is all about girl crushes, romance, and aims to elicit a range of emotions from the viewer. Who would have known that Courtney has other artistic talents? Check out an example of some of her works, and a video showing her creating one of her artworks…

This is a photo Courtney posted onto Twitter showcasing some of her artworks on display..

The title of the exhibit, ‘And She’s Not Even Pretty,’ according to Courtney, is a reference to the way women put down other women when it comes to men. Displaying over 45 unique works of art, the collection that started as a tribute to a girl crush or two has morphed into one particular thing. “A lot of this collection is about one romance.”

The collection features an array of mediums from colored pencil to watercolor and a lot of them include excerpts from songs or famous poems. The women in the works of art are depicted as “fraught and doll-like” and aim to elicit a range of emotions from “tormented, lamenting romances shattered and the devastation of rejection” to “sexual desire and the insecurity of new love.”

Courtney has said that she wanted to be an artist from the time she was a young girl, and her mother encouraged her to pursue her artistic desires. While it is clear that Courtney’s art is an insight into her somewhat chaotic mind and inner workings, I think this could be a great step for Courtney, to find a way of unleashing some of those thoughts and inner demons. She clearly has artistic talent, and it seems that her debut exhibition was well received last night. Some people may find the naive drawings overly simplistic, or even oddly disturbing, but art critics are saying that this is where the intrigue lies. I am definitely going to check out this exhibition, I may even try go this weekend..

Check out this video from Huffington Post showing Courtney talking about her art practice while creating one of her works. Sadly, she does still seem unhinged, but her work is pretty inspired…


  • zorbitor

    I’ve seen stuff like this in bathrooms and jail cells

    • @zorbitor — LOL! Also, kinda true.

  • Nathan

    And yet another example of how if you’re famous, you can do anything you choose, lol. Really, a freaking art exhibit? For THIS?

    • Lita

      totally agree !

  • Chloe

    someones quite fixated on themselves.

  • Melissa

    Sorry, but I think this is just another case of fame getting someone a show that doesn’t deserve it. you want to see art go find real artists who don’t have a famous name to use and give them a show. They actually deserve it. I’m sick of celebrities having “art shows” of what looks like something a 5 year old drew with crayons. Just because someone is famous doesn’t mean they’re automatically talented at whatever they say they “wanted to be when they grew up”.

  • I’m very happy to see all the comments on this post diagree that courtney love has earned her right to display her ‘art’ in public. bitch please!

  • Meghan

    This is not art. Ugh….well a least it goes to show that her lack of talent extends to fields other than music.

  • brittany

    Okay maybe it’s not the greatest art but there’s a lot of art that isn’t great (some people think that an upside down urinal isn’t art either but it was still iconic. [Marcal Duchamps “The Fountain”]). I am not a Courtney fan by any means but her art works for her so that is all that matters.

  • oh, dear.

  • They look like “artist’s roughs”- could be quite interesting if she committed them to paint and canvas.

    Just hope the prices reflect truthfully the amount of effort put into them…

  • rOXy

    She is an artist as much as she is a singer. Just not quite. I can’t believe any serious art critic would even bother to sniff at these. Totally looks like a four year let loose with a box of crayons and construction paper.

  • ele cavaz

    it’s funny because in perez’s blog, people is advocating courtney’s “art”work…just because perez show it as NO art…here is the contrary….just because trent keeps a neutral or enthusiastic opinion about the subject…suddenly people despises it….maybe readers from perez aren’t the same of trent’s…or maybe people just like to say the contrary at every chance…by the way..i’m not an artist…but i think the stuff is rather ordinary…

    • you bring up an interesting point about the commenters on the two blogs. i think it’s most likely due to the different audience. i tend to think the audience here may be a little more discerning than over at perez hilton.

      that being said, i don’t think the work is overtly bad, but i don’t find it particularly strong, or compelling either.