Levi Johnston & Sunny Oglesby Reveal The Name Of Their Forthcoming Baby


Early last month we learned that the very tragic Levi Johnston managed to get his new girlfriend Sunny Oglesby preganant with his second unplanned child and today we get to hear from the proud (?) parents-to-be in a new interview with The Insider. As you can see below, Levi and Sunny explain how their unplanned pregnancy came to be and they reveal the name they’ve already selected for their gestating baby girl. Folks, you are not going to believe what they are going to call the little darling.

Levi Johnston’s second child will be a girl named Breeze Beretta, his pregnant girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, told The Insider in an interview to air Wednesday. Beretta is the name of an Italian firearms manufacturer, and Oglesby confirmed that the child will be named after a gun. She also talked about the accidental nature of the pregnancy. “We were out at the cabin for like, four days, and forgot the birth control,” she said. Johnston told The Insider that he plans on doing things differently with Oglesby than he did with Bristol Palin, the mother of their son, Tripp. “I’m actually in love…not doing it just because we had a kid together,” he said. Bristol Palin has been vocal in criticizing Johnston for being an absent father. She recently told In Touch she is “upset” he is having another child already, and that she worries Tripp could be teased at school. “I don’t want him to go to elementary school with 10 half-siblings,” she said. “That would really affect him.”

Sigh. I cannot even tell you … I weep for this poor baby girl. I want to feel sorry for Sunny but, honestly, it seems to me that she loves being Levi’s lady … prolly because she gets to be interviewed on TV for getting knocked up with his baby. But Breeze Baretta? OMG. I just … can’t. I’d love to be happy for the couple’s expanding family but … I simply cannot find it in me to do so. This is just … sad :(


  • amhi

    i love that you put a ? by proud lol so fitting

  • When I heard that they were naming their child after a gun (and before I actually read the name) I thought they would be naming her Colt .45 hahahah. But in all seriousness, I am actually disgusted by the whole situation.

  • Katie

    OMG! Some people should not be allowed to have children.

  • Meghan

    This man needs to be sterilized. Stupid people should not breed.

  • Annie

    It’s wrong that I’m weirdly attracted to him, right? I just can’t help it.

  • Iheartaustin

    @annie I don’t blame u lol I kinda am too! I’ll admit I bought his edition of Playgirl lol Im kid if attracted to douchieness!

  • Courtney

    he’s clearly an idiot and she doesn’t seem much smarter. i’m not even going to comment on the “beretta” part of things, but breeze is no more bizarre than blue. just saying…

  • Z

    Ok, while I am horrified by the fact that this man continues to breed, I find Bristol’s remarks annoying and petulant. It’s really none of her business whether or not he dates and/or continues to have children. I guess it just kind of reminds me of my husband’s ex and her comments about us and the (1) child we have together (who was born almost 9 yrs after my stepdaughter).

  • Bea

    Breeze is a cute name though

  • breeze beretta is abysmally sad… and so are some of these comments hahaha. sorry, did i just say that out loud?

  • Z, I think it’s partly her business! Absolutely. Because whoever HE dates her son dates. If Bristol doesn’t like Sunny, she’s got every reason not to. Her child is involved in his decisions. So yes, she’s got every right to say what she wants to.


    Trent, I’m a long (long) time faithful reader but I’m afraid this is where we part ways. Just like you falsely accuse Kevin Federline of “milking” his marriage to Britney (when the reality is that he repeatedly turned down a SEVEN FIGURE book deal to talk about her breakdown and has rejected over 1,000 requests for paid photos of himself and the children- even when magazines were offering twenty-five thousand dollars for ONE photo) you are acting like Levi is some media Svengali who is only having a child for the spotlight it will bring.

    Do you know Levi was just a teenager indulging in his favorite pastime (hunting) when secret service agents and republican high ups choppered into a clearing in the woods and bodily escorted him into the helicopter- and TOLD him for the good of the country, he would be “Bristol Palin’s Fiancé” on the international stage of the RNC.

    Think about what that must have been like as a TEENAGER. Think about how it must have felt for Levi to learn that his “team” of lawyer Rex Butler and “bodyguard”/former pimp Tank Jones- who set him up in the media to look like a bumbling idiot and took all his money while they were doing it- were actually WORKING FOR SARAH PALIN. This is a kid we’re talking about here. I don’t hear you bitching about any of the insane celeb baby names yet you’ll give a page of ink to Levi Johnston’s baby name???

    Something else you need to consider- you shouldn’t denigrate him OR Sunny for doing occasional interviews. He can’t even get a “real job” where he lives thanks to the long reach of his former almost mother in law. Look up some people who crossed the Palins- Curt Menard, Dar Miller, Trooper Wooten…and see if you blame Levi for ANYTHING he does or does not do. At the end of the day this poor bastard is just trying to keep from dying in a mysterious fire or “somehow” having water poured in the gas tank of an airplane he’s flying in.

    Levi is a good kid who isn’t out at the fights every week boozing it up and showing everyone how an abstinence spokesperson makes out in public- like his son’s mother. He dared speak up against the Palin machine and the next day his mother was in jail on a trumped up charge and secret service agents were wiping the family hard drives clean.

    I mean seriously, who would pick on a kid who has been through so much? Why would you imply he wouldn’t be a proud father?

    I think you need to start doing a little homework on some of the things you post before hitting “publish”. It doesn’t take a lot of research to know that Levi faithfully sends child support but Bristol refuses to cash the checks- so she can say to the cameras “waaah, I’m a single mommy, I don’t get a dime from Levi…so donate to my new political SUPER PAC, She-PAC, even though my only accomplishments in life are getting knocked up and then collecting half a mil in book deals and Candies money for telling everyone else not to do it!”

    I think you owe Levi an apology…not that you would ever offer one. I’m done.

    • @Former … — Um, ok.

    • miki

      Wow! Who knew Levi read your blog???

    • @miki — “Who knew Levi read your blog?” Who knew Levi could read? KIDDING. Honestly, I’m not trying to “pick on” the guy but if you go on TV to publicly tell your story, you have to be prepared for the public to openly comment on what you say/do.

    • cowgirl

      This makes me LOL so hard:

      Do you know Levi was just a teenager indulging in his favorite pastime (hunting) when secret service agents and republican high ups choppered into a clearing in the woods and bodily escorted him into the helicopter- and TOLD him for the good of the country, he would be “Bristol Palin’s Fiancé”

    • Bea

      Wow, I see your perspective. I must admit I was never on that bandwagon to denigrate Levi even since the Palin days. Sure, he may not be the smartest, most successful, richest, or most articulate young man. But inside there, he could be a good person. However, he does seem to need better guidance and to grow up.

  • Megan

    I don’t mind Breeze. I don’t like Beretta for a middle. Together they don’t sound good. But I don’t Hate it….maybe that’s just me.

  • boo

    “forgot birth control”?

    lovely. you might as well say you forgot having sex with a male could get you pregnant.

  • Savannah

    He seems like a good guy ,thats just sad that he doesnt get to see his son poor guy well hopefully that will change for him.