Britney Spears Loves McDonald’s


There are numerous reasons to love Britney Spears, why, I could devote the rest of my life to listing them in full … but I shant … well, not all at once. Today we get to check out a fan shot photograph of our dear Britney picking up some fast food at a local McDonald’s restaurant here in SoCal. There aren’t many things that I love more than Britney … but my love for McD’s is close (whatever, sue me) … that is why the photo below of Britney AT McDonald’s is just my favorite thing about today.

According to BreatheHeavy, Britney graciously paid the bill for the little boy featured with her in this photo. Is that not the cutest thing. I can’t even tell you what I would do if I ran into Britney Spears out in public. If I were to run into her at McDonald’s? I’d die. I know, I know … it sounds kinda sad but … what am I gonna do? I have a love for Britters and delicious french fries!! Speaking of … I might have to make a McD’s run soon. Bye!


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  • Awwww you made a run pun Trent. I don’t know if was intentional or not but made me laugh. :-)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Now I really want some McDonald’s! Yuuuumm. Love that BritBrit.

  • Bounds

    I wonder if she’s wearin’ shoes, y’all?

    • JC

      lol she was

  • Mark

    Brit Brit looks great!! Can’t wait for XFactor :)

  • Tasha

    Coincidentally, I was catching up on today’s updates whilst eating McDonald’s french fries. And feeding my chicken nuggets to my English Mastiff, Matilda :)

  • ian

    i’ll never get people that love mcds, everything tastes like cardboard, the meat is gross, and it’s super bad for you. I specially dont get how anyonw in Cali would go to that place, having the awesome In&Out there

    • Brandy K

      Oh Ian, it’s just sort of one of those things you hate to love. But I do agree that In&Out would be my choice of artery-clogging fare, if I still lived in LA. Also, it’s just so Brit – eating that junk makes her endearing, oddly enough.

  • Ben@pr

    The only thing I like and crave from McD is their ice cream.

  • PixiesBassline

    No offense to anyone but I think McD’s is disgusting. It’s very hard to eat that stuff – knowing that it has absolutely no nutritional value. Maybe I eat too many fresh vegetables so it makes “fake” food taste even worse…
    However, if I happened to be in a McD’s (they have the best restrooms to stop at when you’re traveling) and I were to see Britney, I’d die too. ;)

    • @PixiesBassline — No offense taken. The more McD’s for ME <3

    • PixiesBassline

      I remembered something though: I do adore their delicious apple pies. And the breakfast menu is pretty good too. :)
      But I only eat that stuff like once a year, so there’s plenty left for you & Britney. ;}