Rumor Has It That Folks At Sony Pictures Are Not Happy With ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’


With all the hype and premature LOVE that pretty much EVERYONE is heaping upon The Avengers (which opens this weekend) and The Dark Knight Rises (which opens in July), there is a rumor going around that the folks at Sony Pictures are not really happy with the reboot Spider-Man film they have coming out. Even tho the studio has already signed off on a sequel (before the first film even hits theaters), there is reportedly a lot of worry that The Amazing Spider-Man won’t hold up against the other massive superhero films coming out this year. Now, take the following report with a grain of salt but … apparently, there are some Sony folks who kinda hate their movie already.

So, The Amazing Spider-Man — I guess it’s looked okay in trailers so far. Spider-Man looks better whilst swinging around than in the Raimi movies, and I won’t argue with Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy, but I pretty much tuned out for any parts that didn’t involve web-slinging or Emma Stone’s boobs. I dunno, the Lizard and Denis Leary just don’t set my world on fire as villains. Well, it turns out my “eh, looks fine I suppose” assessment might be overly generous. According to rumors supposedly originating from “inside sources”, execs at Sony outright hate the movie. Of course, regardless of what they think of Amazing Spider-Man, Sony is already moving ahead on a sequel, because come on, it’s Spider-Man, but tellingly the sequel will have an all-new writing team (Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman, of Star Trek and the Transformers movies). I wouldn’t be surprised to see director Marc Webb also end up on the trash heap if Amazing isn’t received well. Amazing Spider-Man is in a tough spot — it’s going up against The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises without any real hook aside from “here’s more Spider-Man, except now with younger actors”. It’ll make money because they love Spider-Man overseas, but the movie will be completely forgotten by the end of the year.

Whether this report is true or not, the fact remains … Spider-Man will have a tough time at the box office this year. The Avengers is new, The Dark Knight Rises is the epic conclusion of an epic trilogy of beloved films … The Amazing Spider-Man is just a reboot of a film franchise that only ended a few years ago. As much as I like Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone, I’ve believed this reboot film is a bad idea from the first time it was announced. I fear it’s too much, too soon. We’ll have to see how the film does at the box office before we can make any judgements. I know I’ll see this film … a lot of people will see this film. But there are those folks who are more judicious when it comes to shelling out the big bucks to see movies in the theater. If the choice is between something recycled and something new or highly anticipated … the recycled fare is going to get overlooked. I don’t know that the folks at Sony hate this new Spider-Man film but … I can believe that some people may already hate the film. And that is not a good place to be in when going up against other, big movies :/


  • Megan

    Totally agree….if they do continue to release it they should wait until there isn’t so much super hero competition. It was still a very bad idea to reboot already.

  • Krissy

    I am amazed that anyone would invest their money in a movie series that was done so well just a short while ago. Even if it was a great film, I think you would have challenges getting people to go see it.

  • Bea

    I don’t think either Garfield or Stone have the appeal/star power to draw folks in in the way that is necessary. And I just don’t think he’s even super hero material. Not hunky enough.

    • nicole

      i dont remember spider man ever being a “hunky” superhero

  • Bethany

    I can’t even decide if the movie looks good or not because I can’t believe they’re rebooting the series already! Didn’t they just finish Tobey Maguire’s version? I really like Spiderman, but whoa…this is just too soon

  • This movie only exists because Sony needs to keep making Spider-Man movies or risk losing the rights back to Marvel/Disney. Not a place of fun and goodness in which to start a movie’s path.

  • Hannah

    I get that they wanted new actors, but it annoys me they are starting with the origin. Everyone who will see the movie will know the origin, so why not a new standalone movie?

    • Hannah

      Or if they are doing origin, change it up completely with maybe non expected casting, or setting or character backgrounds.

  • LeetheGirl

    Okay, people there is a reason their rebooting it. Marvel had already sold the movie-making licensees to many other companies before Disney took the job over. And, unfortunately, the way they work is they’ll loose the rights to the franchise UNLESS they make a movie every few years.

    What this means is that Wolverine and Spider-Man will sadly NOT be joining the Avengers like a lot of people seem to want.

    Srsly, if you want to blame someone, blame Marvel for selling their biggest character ever.