Pregnant Jessica Simpson Checks Into The Hospital, Possibly Gives Birth [UPDATE]


After being pregnant for roughly 45 years, Jessica Simpson is FINALLY ready to bring forth the fruit of her loins and give birth to her baby. Members of Jessica’s family, including mom Tina and sister Ashlee, were spotted at a hospital here in LA last night/this morning with members of babydaddy Eric Johnson’s family. If they are at the hospital, Jessica is at the hospital … and you know what that means. Let’s just hope her labor doesn’t take another 45 years.

It’s been 87 months in the works … but IT’S FINALLY HAPPENING … Jessica Simpson and several members of her family arrived to an L.A. hospital this morning … because it’s BABY TIME!!!! Jessica, her mother Tina and her sister Ashlee just arrived to the hospital … along with Eric Johnson’s parents. Jessica has looked like she’s been ready to pop for weeks … but the little Johnson inside her wasn’t ready to come out … So far, no word from Jessica’s people.

SO … either Jessica is ready to give birth OR it’s possible that she has already given birth and we just don’t know yet. One way or the other, we should hear something definitive soon. Little baby Simpson-Johnson could bless us with her presence any second now … can you believe it? It feels like Jessica has been pregnant for so long, it’s about damn time, y’all. Stay tuned … we should be hearing something … well, hopefully soon.

UPDATE: Us Weekly is now reporting that Jessica has given birth to a baby girl named Maxwell Drew Johnson:

Jessica Simpson gave birth to a baby girl, Maxwell Drew Johnson, in L.A. Tuesday morning, Us Weekly can confirm. This is her first child with fiance Eric Johnson. According to a source, little Maxwell (she takes her middle name from her maternal grandmother, Tina Simpson, whose maiden name is Drew) weighed in a 9 lbs. 13 ounces.

This news has NOT been confirmed officially so it’s possible that Us Weekly is merely reporting this news now that Jessica has checked into the hospital … tho, they claim to know the baby’s full name and birth weight so … who knows. If the baby has been born already, an official statement should be forthcoming. Again, stay tuned …

[Photo credit: INFdaily; Source, Source]

  • Josh C.

    I’m so happy for Jess! She deserves all the happiness in the world! Love her!

  • rinachandayo

    Cute name!! Nice and simple. She had to have had a c-section….right!?

  • Laura

    I’m surprised she didn’t name her Andrea the Giant! Jessica started to look like she ate another human being!

  • nicole

    Gossip cop is also reporting the name Maxwell, so i tend to believe it.
    Congrats to the family!!!

  • Amarie

    It’s true! jess announced on her website :) so exciting. Longest baby wait ever lol.

  • Courtney

    @Laura 9lbs 13oz is just slightly above average for a full term newborn and Jessica was term at 38 weeks 4 days when Maxwell Drew was born. depending on the size of Maxwell’s head determines weather Jess had a c-section or a vaginal delivery I was about the same length wise when I was born but my head was 27in around so I was born via 4th degree episotomy. as for the name it’s to honor family as I believe Henry Elkind’s middle name is Paul after his maternal grandfather screen legend Paul Newman and had he been a girl he probably would’ve been named Elinore after his maternal great grandmother or Joanne after his maternal grandmother screen legend Joanne Woodward