‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Releases New Character Posters


Back in March we got to check out two video trailers that gave us a pretty good understanding of what to expect from Snow White and the Huntsman. Today, as the film’s release date draws ever near, we get to check out a collection of new character posters for the movie that have been released internationally. Because she’s the film’s lead star (I guess), Kristen Stewart’s Snow White gets two posters … but Charlize Theron’s Evil Queen and Chris Hemsworth’s Huntsman get their own posters as well. Check ‘em out.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this film … so much so, I’ve surprised myself. I think Charlize Theron is going to steal the show … I can feel it. I’ve loved every bit of footage from this film that features her. I am really looking forward to seeing her in action. It won’t be long now. Soon, we’ll know if Snow White and the Huntsman is worth all the hype.


  • nicole

    i dont see myself going out of my way to see this (mostly because the thought of spending money on a movie with Kstew in it scares me) – but i can totally see Charlize and Chris stealing the spot light in this movie.

    • Tracy

      I’m with you on that one Nicole…But I did hear the focus is really on the Queen and the Huntsman. I read that you barely can hear Kristen speak, and when she does speak the camera is not even on her where you see her mouth moving. Either way I don’t see myself going to see this movie.

  • Sarah

    The queen and the huntsman’s posters are so striking and dramatic; Kristen’s are just boring. I doubt she’d be able to muster up the emotion necessary for an equally interesting poster, so I guess since she isn’t biting her lip or blinking furiously this is better than nothing.

  • Lauren

    …. I’m a huge Kstew fan and I can’t WAIT to see this film :) love it!