Mary J. Blige To Star In New Music Talent-Search Reality Show ‘Opening Act’


A couple of weeks back we heard that the Queen of Hip Hop Soul Mary J. Blige had become the latest spokesperson for Burger King. Today we have learned that Mary has nabbed herself a much better (?) job – she will be the judge on a new talent search reality show from the man who is obsessed with the genre, Nigel Lythgoe. The new show, called Opening Act, comes to us from E!, and was announced today. Yes, I know, another talent search reality show… yawn?

Opening Act is described as a music talent show which will hand pick bands and solo artists from the random corners of the Internet and whisk them to L.A., where they will undergo mentoring from producer Antonina Armato and Mary J. Blige, in the hopes of scoring a gig opening for a bigger act.

Mary J. is no stranger to reality TV talent-search shows. She was on X Factor last year and a guest judge on American Idol before that. It seems like we just keep getting more and more reality talent search shows thrown our way, and at first glance, I rolled my eyes… but, now that I know what this one is about, I think it could have some potential. The idea of taking unknown bands and artists, who are already on the Internet and getting their music out there, and then mentor and coach them to send them out there again with some more backing, could work. It doesn’t seem to be trying to make them compete to win the show, or at least it sounds like that is what it is about. It recognizes that people will get some amount of success by appearing on the show, but that ultimately, it has to come from outside. At least that is what it seems to be about, but I guess we will have to wait and see….

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  • Bee G Gee

    Amazing that even with the hard-to-keep-up growing list of artists out there, there is still an endless search for new talent. A friend recently pointed me in the direction of the site makeastar{dot}com, where you can upload your music and compete internationally against other budding musicians to win the monthly prize. Doesn’t seem like one of these with a panel of judges, but rather site viewers voting, but you still get exposure to all visitors to the site. Nice thing is, if you don’t win one month, you can re-enter the next month under a new month’s contest. If you don’t get to be on this show, it might be worth taking a look at.