Madonna Reveals A New Stage Sketch & The Official Logo For Her ‘MDNA’ World Tour


Early last month we got to check out a sketch that shows what the tour stage will look like for Madonna’s upcoming MDNA World Tour. Today we not only get to check out another sketch that gives us an even better understanding of the stage but we also get to check out the reported official logo for the MDNA World Tour. Maddy kicks off her tour in just a few short weeks … are you ready?

Like the sketch we saw previously, this second graphic shows us just how impressive and massive Madonna’s tour stage will be. It looks a LOT like the stage that Kylie Minogue used on her Les Folies Tour last year. As you can see, the area that Kylie called the Splash Zone has been turned into the Fan Zone for Madonna’s tour. It looks amazing, to be honest.

Here is the logo that is reported to be the official image used for the tour:

It’s a striking logo. Bold, sharp … very Madonna. The MDNA World Tour will begin in Tel Aviv, Israel first and then will make its way around the world. I won’t get to see Her Royal Madgesty until October so … I have a long time to wait. Still, I’m enjoying these little tour updates leading up to the show’s kick-off. Because I have to wait so long to see the show, I’m prepared to have the whole things spoiled for me. Try as I might to keep from looking, there’s no way this show will remain a surprise for me from now until October. I don’t mind, actually … but I am anxious. What do you guys think of this stage? Do you like?

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  • rYan

    I like the stage. I’m just hoping the production value is on par with Confessions and NOT like Sticky & Sweet.

    • @rYan — “I’m just hoping the production value is on par with Confessions and NOT like Sticky & Sweet.” Lord, me too! The Confessions Tour was so fun … S&S was just OK.

  • pufinstuf

    The question is not “am I ready”, but rather “do I care?” Unfortunately, I would have to answer that with “no.”

    • Pete

      Pufinstuf, if you don’t care, why are you reading this in the first place, or even bothering to post?

  • Robot

    I can’t wait to see Madonna live in action! Wanna see the full setlist asap!!!

    Have to wait till September :-)

  • Yep it looks A LOT like Kylie’s one, nice!

  • chadwick

    I have to wait until October to see her as well. And i know that the fan pit is for icon members that threw down $2000 per seat. But i still got VIP and will be sat in the first 10 rows closest to the cat walk.
    Regardless, she just keeps getting better and October won’t come fast enough

  • yo!

    It is Kylies…… Damn….. I love Madge but she needs to stop ripping the Princess of Pop off!! Her half time show was a combo of Kylies X and Les Folies tours….. even Kylies musical director made a comment about Madonnas Half time being a Kylie tribute show haha