Josh Hutcherson Snapped Using A Fake ID To Buy Booze


You’d think a big star like Josh Hutcherson, from The Hunger Games among other films, would be a big enough hot shot to buy his booze without having to resort to using a fake ID BUT, because the young actor is only 19, well, he does have to be more inventive when shopping here in the US for alcohol. A few days ago, Hutcherson was snapped by the paps walking out of a Ralph’s grocery store with a big ol’ bottle of booze and it was discovered that he used a fake ID to make the purchase! Naughty, naughty.

19-year-old “Hunger Games” star Josh Hutcherson took a not-so-cheap shot at a Ralph’s Grocery store — he posed as over 21 and got the check out clerk to sell him an expensive bottle of whiskey. We got this pic of Josh leaving the Ralph’s in Sherman Oaks on April 18 with a bottle of Macallan whisky in hand — which, by the way, goes for $170. A source tells TMZ … Josh used a fake ID to score the bottle. It’s interesting … a few weeks ago we got Josh on camera, grousing, “I think the age to go to war is 18 … so I think the drinking age should be 18 as well.” A spokesperson for Ralphs tells TMZ, “We strictly enforce all laws relating to the sale of alcohol to minors. We will investigate these allegations and take any steps necessary.” Josh could be prosecuted and the maximum punishment is 6 months in jail, although in reality he’d spend no time behind bars. Authorities could also go after Ralph’s for selling to a minor. We reached out to Josh’s rep. So far, no comment.

Yes, this is illegal. Yes, this is wrong. Yes, this kind of thing happens every single day. Josh is no different than many other 19 year olds who have to resort to, well, criminal activity to get their hands on booze. I can’t say that I personally endorse this kind of behavior but … he sure does look proud of himself in this photo, don’t he? We can’t know what he did with this expensive bottle of whisky … maybe it was a gift for an older, of-age friend? Who knows. Let’s just hope that Josh exercised his better judgment with the booze afterward.

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • shoesofpink

    That doesn’t look anything like Josh Hutcherson. I don’t trust anyting from TMZ.

    • @shoesofpink — Ha! You don’t have to trust TMZ but the photos were taken by Splash News and it’s definitely Joshie.

  • Cha

    It’s for Haymitch, you guys.

    • Wendy

      Haha! I have to admit I’m mostly just impressed that as a 19 year old he drinks Scotch. At 19 I was more of a tequila shots kind of girl.

    • Katie

      That is totally what I was thinking, lol! Impressive purchase. Most 19 year olds are trying to get as much beer as they possibly can for $20.

    • @Cha — LOL! Comment win!

  • That’s undeniably josh. As far as actual photos of celebs tmz is great, stories not so much, but they are great with their photos.

  • JC

    Is it bad that I would totally be down to go and buy the booze for him? Knowing that he is 19? I’m in LOVE

    • KW

      Hahahaha NO! I would totally buy for him as well I think he hot!

  • Lula

    Wendy nailed it…at least he’s not buying cheap liquor!

  • Rolltideguy77

    After his support of the gay community I’d buy him whatever booze he wanted!

  • Stephanie

    For some reason I thought he was 22, my crush on him just got that much creepier! Damn… 9 years is not too bad right…? right??

  • Sam

    He should come to Canada he could legally buy his scotch here

  • LJ

    cos of the legal age in being 18 in England this is so weird for me that its news a 19year old bought alcohol! I was buying drink at 14, just beer though, the corner shop guy had some moral compass and wouldn’t sell us anything stronger!haha

    • Megan

      It’s 18 or over here in Ireland too and I was drinking at 14! I’d much rather see him enjoy some good whiskey than smoke or do drugs…he’s still a good guy in my books.

  • Tracy

    Man! I thought he was like 22, I did not realize he was so young. But, I agree Trent I hope he was more responsible and gave the liquor to and older legal aged friend. I like Cha comment – – it is for Haymitch….LOLOLOL!!

  • At least he’s buying it and drinking at home or at a friend’s place, and not getting smashed at clubs and bars like other underage stars have done.

  • SJay

    I think he actually is over 21. He is “19” in studio and publicist years.

    • my thoughts exactly.

    • Sandy

      I dunno. He looked the right age in everything else he’s been in. I doubt he’s a Stacy Dash lol

  • ClaireMichelle

    He is so incredibly mature for his age. Why not treat himself to some nice scotch?! You get it, Josh!

  • Gen

    That doesn’t look like josh. If it was him, then he was giving it as a gift or something

  • Mike D

    Sorry but I have to say what a complete dick for potentially getting the market and possibly the under-paid checker in trouble or fired.

  • Ben@pr

    In a country where is legal to buy heart attacks and diabetes in the half anonymity of the drive-thru of fast food joints at any age and have license to kill people in wars at 18 it’s so hypocrite that you can’t buy alcohol at 18. The guy is successful, talented, non douche-bag and mature for his age and has good taste for booze so good for him!!!

  • Jodi

    IDK I just find it sort of endearing that he is in this huge movie but has all this press following him and still thinks he can sneak in and use a fake ID. Stay gold, Josh!

  • fake id

    Sorry but I have to say what a complete dick for potentially getting the market and possibly the under-paid checker in trouble or fired.