First Pics Emerge Of Mariah Carey Performing At Ski Concert In Austria


Earlier today we heard that Mariah Carey was preparing for her stage debut in Austria at the luxury ski resort of Ischgl to mark the closing of this winter season. Ischgl’s “Top Of The Mountain” concerts at the beginning and end of every ski season have become known for bringing in seriously huge stars including The Killers, Elton John, Kylie Minogue, Pink and Alicia Keys. This year was Mariah’s turn. First pics of MC’s concert today have surfaced… and, she has quite the ski appropriate outfit. Check it out!

So, some people are criticizing Mariah for wearing this lycra costume on stage. I’ve even read people being mean about the appearance of a “camel toe”. I don’t think it is the best look I’ve ever seen on Mariah, but it is certainly appropriate given that the concert took place in a ski resort, to mark the end of the ski season. I think she was trying to be a cute snow bunny, and dammit, I think she is! Her hair is magnificent too! I highly doubt that she will wear this costume in her other concerts in Europe; this was probably just a ski themed look, and I think it’s pretty adorable. I am sure the performance was a knock out too, especially as she brought back some classic Mariah Carey hits… ugh, to have been there! Did you know the concert is free too, if you have a lift pass that is!

What do you think of Mariah’s Austrian ski concert look??


  • Randal

    Trent, let me tell you. I’ve been a die hard Mariah Carey fan since June 1990, when I heard “Vision of Love” for the first time. As a die hard MC fan, I’ve learned to not listen to her critics. And let me tell you, she has many, many haters. But you do not reach the level of success Mariah has & not have haters. I accept Mariah for who she is. The clothes have nothing to do with her outstanding talent. I wish people will move on from that. She obviously does not care. In fact, she might even have a funny remark on her twitter about it later. I mean what is she supposed to wear on a mountain ski resort? If she had on an evening gown & heels, she would have received criticism for that too. The TRUE MARIAH CAREY FANS, THE LAMBS, we know haters gon hate. Like MC once said: “You can’t please folks, so you might as well do you.”

    • @Randal — This post was written by Melissa. But yes, I agree with you … Mariah’s talent has nothing to do with her style choices.

  • rinachandayo

    She’s so cute!

  • nicole

    love her!

  • Courtney

    what did you expect her to wear up in the austrian alpes an evening gown and stilettos no she was dressed appropriately for the venue. don’t forget this was her first full blown concert in over 2 years and the last 18 months or so haven’t been easy she almost died to have the twins who also almost didn’t survive being born more than a month early then Nick’s health problems and Whitney Houston’s death.

  • I like what she’s wearing but let’s just say, those two pictures are hardly the most vulgar (and LOL worthy) of the bunch.

    Exhibit V:

  • Ashley

    Yeah, I agree when I first saw these pictures I thought that wasn’t a flattering outfit but I liked the coat. There’s other pictures of her wearing her favorite mermaid style dress that wasn’t quite as flattering either but its clothes which really don’t matter. It’s all about the voice

  • Katie

    I think she definately could have picked a more flattering ski outfit. For 99% of the population it doesn’t really matter what size you are there are probably going to be a few things that just don’t work for your body. This is one of those things for her.


  • boo

    damn it was already hard enough to sing in a cold place especially with a voice like hers! woman gotta stay warm to preserve her pipes!