‘The Artist’ Pup Uggie Has Gotten Himself A Book Deal


Last we heard about cute pup, Uggie, who charmed the world in his role in the Oscar winning film, The Artist, he was having to retire because of health conditions. But, it looks like Uggie isn’t going into retirement just yet, the talented dog lined up work starring in ads for Nintendo, and now has his own book coming out. Apparently, he has signed a deal with the publishing company, Simon & Schuster, to write his autobiography. Would you want to read all about Uggie?

Earlier in the week, we heard all about celebrities and their pets, but Uggie takes his own category as a pet who is the celebrity Uggie: My Story is due to be released in October. I have to say, I’m not quite sure how successful it will be, no doubt there will be people that have a giggle about a dog having a memoir, but I’d be keen to read it. I’m not quite sure how much input he will be having in the stories though, unless they have got a dog whisperer on board too. Or, given that it is Uggie, maybe he is actually speaking and typing it himself..

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  • dc

    too cute


    Awww….Uggie makes me miss my dearly departed Jack Russell terrier Buster….RIP

  • BCDanielle

    @Deesaster- me too! I miss my Murphy SOOO much. Jack’s are the best.