• Alys

    What the hell is Lindsay Lohan doing there?

    • Louigi

      You took the words right out of my mouth. How does she make this kind of a guest list?

    • Tiffany

      From what I’ve heard, Lindsey just finished filming her episode of Glee, so I’m guessing she probably paid her way in…

    • And also for the Kardashian’s too. What the hell are they’re doing there?

    • Guest

      Shockingly Fox News, who accuses Obama of being too into the celebrity lifestyle, invites Kim Kardashian and Lindsay Lohan. It doesn’t really mean anything to get invited, most celebrities get invited due to their ties with a certain network.

    • Krissy

      Fox went for pure class, as always. ;)

      I think Fox was trying to tarnish Obama by association, but it was Greta Van Sustrin who had to actually sit by Lindsey and Kim Kardashian all night…so it looks like they already were punished enough. ;)

  • Actually she was invited by someone with a table. She wasn’t directly invited.

    Reese looks stunning however! She’s got that pregnant lady glow! Love her.

  • Sandy

    Is it just me, or does Lindsay look like she stole some kid’s prom dress?

  • Jonathan

    Didn’t Greta from Fox News invite her? Talk about random. I don’t get how this event works. It’s suppose to be for journalist yet stars get all the attention??

  • Yelena

    I think Reese and Kate Hudson are the best dressed. All the other dresses are unflattering (Dakota), ill-fitted (the one that looks like a shower curtain with a belt),inappropriate (Rosario’s boobs, the too short dresses) or just plain ugly (everyone else).

  • boo

    i can’t can’t can’t stand rachel zoe’s expression when she takes photos. it’s always that same mouth open pout expression. doesn’t that woman know how to smile? does she think this is very flattering? cos it is DEFINITELY not.

  • ganesh

    did R. Dawson’s boobs get their own separate invite? Ummmm…inappropriate, much!