Emma & Josh Got Hitched!


The deed is done. Our beautiful friends Emma and Josh got themselves hitched yesterday in a stunningly poignant and absolutely beautiful ceremony here in Todos Santos, Mexico. As you may recall, our dear friends got engaged to be married on New Year’s Eve 2011 and last night became husband and wife in front of family and friends. David and I were honored to be groomsmen in the bridal party … and I can assure you, the entire day/night/morning was nothing short of spectacular. Because of my groomsmen duties, I wasn’t able to take too many photos but I did snap a few … which you can check out below.

These are but a sampling of the photos I managed to snap thruout the night but when I get a hold of the professional photos, I’ll be sure to share more. The ceremony took place at the Villa Santa Cruz, one of the most beautiful estates I’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. Every single touch was painstakingly perfect. I did my best to keep from crying but honestly, as soon as Emma emerged in her gorgeous wedding dress … I was toast. Her veil, OMG, so beautiful, right? Don’t tell her but I might have stolen it after she changed into her reception dress ;) OK, not really … but I really wanted to. I’d wear that ish every day if I could ;)

From beginning to end … from the decorating, to helping Josh get dressed, to walking down the aisle, to offering a toast, to dancing with the bride, to sharing beers with groom … to sending off paper lanterns into the night sky with our wishes for the happy couple, Emma and Josh’s wedding was an absolute dream. We love them both so dearly and are truly blessed to have them in our lives as family.

If you could do me a favor, I’d love it if you could spread a little extra love around today in honor of my beautiful friends and their new life together. David and I fly back home to LA in a few hours so … Adios!

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  • ChristineLA

    Wow, that is easily the most beautiful veil I have ever seen in my life!!

    • rOXy

      Isn’t it though? Sets a standard for sure.

    • Jenni

      agreed!! We need deets on that fabulous dress!

  • rOXy

    Looks like these memories will live long and bright. A beautiful couple. Btw, your David is just the cutest thing! Loves him!

    • Chelsea

      I agree, David is super adorable:)

  • Mario

    Congrats to the couple, lovely pictures! Did you catch Neil Patrick Harris?

  • Bea

    Sounds lovely, but I don’t like the white tux, at all. Wearing that, he looks way too much like a waiter.

  • It was a gorgeous wedding. We loved hosting them at the Boutique Hotel, Villa Santa Cruz – such a magical night for a lovely couple!

  • I adore! That is all!

  • Sam

    Love the veil though personally am deciding whether to not do one it’s not my thing

  • Nicole

    What you fail to mention is that you got to rub elbows with NPH the whole time…I see you in the picture he posted of the groomsmen on twitter!!

    • Cee

      Saw! Trent and David both looked very handsome!

      …looks like a big wedding party!

    • @Nicole — Hmmm, I thought that guy looked familiar.

  • NN

    Did they have 6 groomsmen? and 1 best man?

    Lovely picturer.

    NPH and Burtka is hot and so adorable. The bride and groom look so happy and beautiful.

    Love what your David wrote on twitter “You know you’re at a splendid wedding when Ted Olson’s #Prop8 testimony is quoted”

    Emma and Josh must be some extraordinary people who took that Inn their special day. They seem very inclusive and is not afraid to show all their friends and family that they stand for equal rights for all. It was touching

  • Kelly

    Here veil is amazing! Must have looked great in the professional photos. Congrats to both Emma and Josh. And if the bridesmaids were as pretty as the groomsmen are handsome, that must have been one hot wedding party!

  • Ricka

    I absolutely love the picture of the two of them kissing by the fountain. Its so classy. Love everything!

  • mimi

    what a lovely couple, your friends look so wonderfully happy :)


    In a word…gorgeous

  • Dad

    Dad loved it

  • Trent,
    Your description was spot on. But more than the visual, the love in the room was bubbling over. The bride and groom were the envy of all because of the adoration their friends and family have for them. They are truly blessed.

  • shoesofpink

    Wow, that is one gorgeous wedding dress and veil. Congrats to the happy couple!