Cate Blanchett Guest Stars In ‘Family Guy’ This Week


The lovely Cate Blanchett will be lending her voice to the team at Family Guy as the guest star in this week’s episode, airing Sunday night. Cate plays the role of little Penelope, the new girl in town, who like Stewie, prefers to live dangerously. With a slight English-come-Aussie accent, Cate play Stewie’s gal pal perfectly, and she’s a little cutie. Check out the sneak peek of Cate Blanchett in the hilarious animation, Family Guy.

The Oscar winning theater director from Sydney hasn’t been on TV since she starred in the 1995 miniseries, Bordertown, alongside Hugo Weaving. But, she is making her return to television in animated form in the dysfunctional Griffin family.

Penelope is cute, but in this week’s episode she and Stewie get up to some mischief. She isn’t as innocent as she looks. I have to say, I’m pretty excited to see how Cate does in Family Guy. It is a pretty cute choice for her, and she has a great voice, so I think she will do a fantastic job as naughty girl, Penelope. To be honest though, I’m going to be watching just because it is Cate!