Watch: ’30 Rock’ Does Live Show With Paul McCartney


On Thursday night the hit TV series, 30 Rock, aired a live show in front of an audience for the second time in the show’s history. Cleverly, the concept behind the episode was the issue of whether the show-within-the-show, Liz Lemon’s TGS, should remain as live television or become pre-recorded to save time and money. The live show, 30 Rock not TGS, also had a guest cameo. Given that the show had to perform live twice in the one night, once for east coast audiences, and then again for west coasters, they had to have two separate guest appearances. One got thunderous applause, and one, well, didn’t really get as much. Can you guess who the west coasters got to see in 30 Rock?

The first cameo for the east coasters came from Sir Paul McCartney. The second, Kim Kardashian. Bit of a drop in status west coasters. Nevertheless, the live show was a hit, and the idea of making it all about the concept of live television was smart and self-reflexive. Clearly, the east coast got a better guest though! Go east coast!

Watch a clip from the live show on Thursday in case you missed it…

  • Jay P

    did she say “where liberals want to destroy america?”

    hahahah I fucking love Tina Fey.

    • Thanks for catching that!

  • AmandaPalmina

    This was such a great episode!!

  • Bounds

    I know it’s polarizing, but Jon Hamm’s skit with Tracy was handsdiwn the funniest moment on the show. West coast version that is.

    One word: Banjo