Mom-To-Be Vanessa Minnillo Shares Intimate Pregnancy Feelings on Twitter


Vanessa Minnillo Lachey has been so excited from the minute she announced that she was pregnant with hubby, Nick Lachey’s baby. She has been happily showing off her growing bump and posting cute messages onto Twitter to share with her fans her thoughts and feelings about being a first time mom-to-be. Today we have got one such thought from Vanessa, and it’s pretty adorable. Check out what she’s thinking..

This recent pic of Vanessa was taken just this week as part of the Take A Load Off campaign she is working on. She is seriously glowing, right? And, that bump is a growing!

Vanessa posted onto Twitter the following message, and I swear, it made my ovaries jump just a little bit.

It is so wonderful to watch a celeb throughout their pregnancy, from the early stages into observing the expanding belly, especially when it is someone who is just so happy and elated to be pregnant. That’s why we LOVE a bump watch. Vanessa is becoming one of my personal faves, because she is just so darn sweet and adorable about it. I lurved this little message of the day. Could she and Nick be any happier or more of a picture perfect couple awaiting their first baby?


  • I love how she took his last name. They’re probably my favorite celeb couple.

  • one thing

    I wish all pregnant women happiness & health in there pregnancies & birthing. What I don’t get is another woman Nick used to be married to gets trashed for leading us through her pregnancy & happiness & gets trashed for it with hate & meaness but another one gets embraced. Very sad indeed. Will that change as Kourtney & Vanessa & Kirstin start entering into there final months & are still sharing. Will we say these are the longest pregnancies ever? Will we comment on there bellies in 9 months at there size as they all are getting the bellies at 5 months. I sure hope not. Jess has withstood a lot of mean & hate & judgemensts.

  • Courtney

    Jessica only gets so much grief because people think she’s gained an unhealthy amount of weight intentionally when it’s due to serious complications that could cost her unborn child their life through no fault of the mother. people said the same thing about Mariah Carey when she was pregnant with her twins & gained 70lbs 40 of which were water from swelling due to complications including gestational diabetes which Jess doesn’t have olihydramnios which is the opposite of Polyhydramnios which Jessica has admitted to having a double hernia & Toximia/pre-eclampsia. Vanessa has also said some things that could be hurtful to her child when they are older as in wishing for a boy first. as for taking Nick’s last name usually if you have an established career you don’t take your husbands last name unless it’s to mark a significant wedding anniversary like 1 year or ten

  • Claire

    I feel like such a freak for deciding to not have children. :/ Oh well.

    • Jstar

      @Claire–don’t feel like a freak, there are many women out there that feel the same as you…

  • monica

    Why does Jess always get brought up when there is a post about Nick? They’re done and have both moved on. Her pregnancy does seem super long as she had put on extra weight before conception that had people speculating.

  • Courtney

    @Monica the weight Jess put on before she became pregnant was from planning her & eric’s wedding she even admittted that herself. I don’t think her pregnancy seems super long at all it’s the normal length she announced at 12 weeks and she’s gonna be 39 this friday. she always comes up on articles about Nick because she’s his ex wife it’s like Gore Vidal is forever Linked to Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward because he was once engaged to marry her and is the godfather of their three daughters

  • juliapregnancytestreviews

    Wow! How could they keep such gorgeous looks even if they carry those bulging tummies! I applaud Vanessa’s wellness efforts to keep herself great!