First Look: Justin Bieber Reveals The Album Artwork For ‘Believe’


Last month we got our first look at official single cover artwork for Justin Bieber’s new single Boyfriend (you may recall, we were shown two different photos and were asked to vote for our fave). Today we get our first look at the standard and deluxe album covers for Bieber’s new album Believe. Click below to see how much time and effort The Biebs put into putting out an album cover that his fans will hopefully love.

Believe (Standard Version):

Believe (Deluxe Version):

Hmmm. Honestly, I give both of these covers a resounding Meh. The photo is pretty mediocre and the difference between standard and deluxe is just … pointless. I get that Justin Bieber can put out any ol’ thing and his legion of fans will buy it up but this seems particularly lazy to me. Still … I imagine that Believe will rocket to the top of the pop album charts when it is released this Summer. What do y’all think? Impressed or … are you as bored by this album art as I am?

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  • Iheartaustin

    Ya I was expecting something … More! His “Boyfriend” single cover was way better then this!

  • Jo

    why would anyone buy “standard” editions anyway

  • rOXy

    Totally meh but I am sure his groupies will latch on to the close up. It reminds me of a senior portrait.

  • At least he’s not one of those who dresses up half naked..

    • nicole

      yet. but he’ll be one of those soon enough