Christian Groups Protest Outside Lady Gaga’s Seoul Concert Deeming It ‘Obscene’


A few weeks ago we got a sneak peek at the set and then the costume designs for Lady Gaga’s upcoming world tour. We have been hearing a bit about the singer’s Born This Way Ball, and now Gaga is in Seoul, Korea, for her first stop on the world tour only to be facing religious protesters who are trying to rally to get the concert shut down or made “adults only.” According to the BBC, a rally has flared up outside the South Korean capitol’s Olympic Stadium ahead of the performance and activists have been protesting all week, calling Lady Gaga’s music and performances “obscene” and “tainting” young people.

This pic was taken of Lady Gaga arriving in Seoul ahead of her first concert.

One group calling itself the Civilians Network against the Lady Gaga Concert said her show was “too homosexual and pornographic.” Reverend Yoon Jung-hoon, who organized the group, told Reuters the Christian Council of Korea “will take all measures such as boycotting Hyundai Card [a sponsor of Gaga’s tour] to root out this kind of obscene culture.”

Lady Gaga is clearly pretty devastated about these comments. She tweeted on Thursday night, “I can hear you, Korea. I’m shaking.” Whatever people think about Gaga’s style, and I know that not all the readers of this blog are her fans, this is still upsetting given that Lady Gaga is such an outspoken advocate for gay rights and empowering people to promote and encourage difference and diversity. She is a leading anti bully advocate, having opened up recently about being bullied as a teenager, and now is being bullied again in some ways. Boycotting her sponsors is a pretty drastic move, but as I understand it, the rally has been small and the protesters are a contained group, so I don’t think the ramifications will be wide scale.

I know y’all don’t love her, but is Gaga really ‘obscene’ and ‘tainting’ young people?

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  • Sarah

    Yes, it is pretty devastating. These groups are frightening, and no matter how some people here don’t get Gaga, she doesn’t deserve to be treated like this, it’s very depressing.

  • sjazz

    yeah… she’s pretty obscene in her video clips. they are pretty twisted. and because they are not restricted on TV or Youtube or anywhere, all children can watch them too. not to say there aren’t other artists that do the same, but if you want to do a video clip like Alejandro… or even Marry the Night which is kinda messed up with the milk and cereal… then… you should be adults only. because Lady Gaga is definitely not Universal.

    • lol!

      we wouldn’t want to live in a censored world like north korea, would we?

    • SouthKoreanGuy

      it’s not North but South. there’s no kinda censorship you think about in my country. recent controversy about Gaga is just becuz of some extremely conservative Christians.

    • RickG

      Gaga wasn’t shaking because of the protests She heard 50,000 fans calling for her in the stadium

    • Nick

      THANK YOU! Someone with a brain on this blog…

  • Nathan

    She can be as adult as she feels the need to be and it’s ultimately up to parents to know what their children are viewing on tv/online/etc

  • Shannon

    I would let my kid watch her. I don’t have any problem with her and I don’t think she tainting the youth. Come on people get real if you dnt want your kids watching then dont let them. But their stil going to see her on magaZine stands and hear about her at school and from there friends everyday. So unless you plan on homeschooling and sheltering your child for the rest of there life I say let them watch her shes not hurting anyone.

  • RickG

    Korea needs to pull it’s self into the 21 st century.Kids hear and see worse things at school.Gaga has a message of acceptance and love for all.The churches seam to want to teach hate and fear.Hard to get 50,000 people to church but through music Gaga can get her message out.

  • Alys

    Always sad when I hear about restrictions and protest groups showing up for musicians who push the envelope a bit. I’m not talking Black Sabbath-bite the head off a bat-bat$hit, but artists who tackle divisive issues. We may not agree with what Lady Gaga has to say or how she portrays it, but demanding her concerts be shut down and she be stuffed in a corner where no one can hear her is unreasonable and unfortunate. Considering she’s been outspoken for equal rights for the LGBT community and an advocate for many worthwhile and important causes, I give the woman props for speaking out against injustices. Sad to see that some people can’t appreciate that.

    I respect if you find her videography or lyrics offensive to you. I understand her message isn’t comfortable for everyone. But I really hope that conservative groups can’t shut her down.