Watch: Jessica Simpson Lets The World Inside Her Baby Shower


As we all wait with bated breath for the arrival of the Simpson-Johnson baby, which has got to be SOON, Jessica Simpson has decided to let us all into her baby shower, which took place last month. The fun, girly, and super lavish affair has been posted as a short video on Jess’s official website. The day looked absolutely gorgeous, and the video totally captures the memorable event, set to the aptly titled song, “I Can’t Give You Anything but Love, Baby.” If this is any indication of what their daughter has in store for her when she comes out to say hello, she is going to be one happy, doted on little girl.

The clip really gives us some insight into what Jess’s baby shower was like, and what kind of a mom she is going to be. The shower couldn’t have been more cute and well-planned if she tried. Granted, it wasn’t an ordinary baby shower put together by friends, but an orchestrated Charlotte’s Web themed day by celebrity event planner, Mindy Weiss, but this baby girl (who should be arriving any day now!) is in for a very charmed little life with Jess as her mom.

Jess is positively glowing in this video. She just looks so happy. On her website, she has posted some pics of her family from the shower, and beside a photo of her own mom, she has written, ” I really hope I can be half as good of a mom as my mom has been to me.” You’ll notice in the clip also that Jess’ fiancĂ©, Eric Johnson, sits by her side lovingly too. There is a whole lot of love in this family.

The video clip ends with the camera panning up to a large letter “M,” … some people have said that this is a nod to the baby’s name. Is it that her name will begin with the letter M, or is it something more symbolic because Jess has hinted that the name could be nontraditional.. Exciting!

I think the next pics or video we see from Jessica will be when the little girl FINALLY arrives!!! I think it could be very soon too !!!

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  • Alyssa

    I feel like she’s been pregnant for years. Like she’s gestating a baby elephant or something.

    • Susan

      I imagine she feels the same way at this point.

    • colin

      I know — why is that though. I can’t even remember when she announced she was pregnant. Is it that she has gotten such a big baby bump for several months that make this seem like the worlds longest pregnancy. Happy for her, but it just seems like forever. Maybe she announced before the three month mark too, I don’t know.

    • ClaireMichelle

      She announced sometime around Halloween because she was dressed as a mummy or something. That just stands out in my memory. Haha. But it has felt like absolutely forever.

  • Courtney

    she can’t help the size of her baby bump she’s been suffering from Polyhydramnios which is the accumulation of excess amniotic fluid. she announced thepregnancy on Halloween 2011 at about 12 weeks along so at her baby shower she was about 32 weeks and is now 38 so hopefully the baby who is reportedly to be named Maxwell is born soon and healthy and hopefully Jess has no complications after delivery

  • JillyD

    I am absolutely amazed by the size of her belly. I have NEVER seen someone that size who is not having multiples. She started showing very early. I know people say its because she’s short but I have known plenty of tiny people who have been pregnant and they looked nothing like her.

  • Sara

    Instead of talking about her belly … lol … that was so beautiful! She looks very happy!

  • She’s gorgeous though. Absolutely gorgeous. Looks like it was an amazing shower!

  • Isabella

    She mentioned in an interview, I believe, that she was experiencing a LOT of swelling and fluid retention. A friend of mine had a lot of swelling towards the end of her pregnancy, and her ankles and calves swelled up to the size of her thighs, the poor thing.

  • Ben@pr

    Her fiance looks like Britney’s boyfriend.

  • Stevie

    I think she’s gonna name her Mae!

  • Monica

    That video was adorable…