Sarah Michelle Gellar Is Reportedly Pregnant With Her Second Child


Congratulations and love goes out to happily marrieds Sarah Michelle Gellar and hubby Freddie Prinze, Jr. because according to reports out today the couple are expecting the birth of their second child! As you may know, SMG and FPJ are already the proud parents of a little girl they’ve named Charlotte Grace (Charlotte will turn 3 this September). Today we are hearing that the couple are pregs with baby number 2. If true, this will be the BEST NEWS EVER!!!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze, Jr. are expanding their family! The Ringer actress is pregnant with her second child, Us Weekly can exclusively confirm. “She and Freddie are thrilled,” a friend of the pair says. “They’re amazing parents.”
The couple met while filming the 1997 horror film I Know What You Did Last Summer and began dating three years later. They tied the knot in Mexico on September 1, 2002, and welcomed daughter Charlotte Grace in September 2009. Gellar, 35, recently told Us that Prinze, 36, had been enjoying his one-on-one time with Charlotte as she filmed the first season of The CW’s Ringer. “He loves it. We fight over who gets to stay home,” Gellar said of her stay-at-home husband. “You’d think it would be the opposite, that the parents would be like, ‘No, I’ll go to work!’ but he’s like, ‘You stayed home for two years! It’s my turn!'” “He and Charlotte have too much fun,” Gellar added. “I’m jealous!”

Gah! Altho this news hasn’t been officially confirmed yet by the couple, I’m really excited and hopeful for another SMG baby … maybe a boy this time? You may recall that we learned back in December that SMG’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer co-star Alyson Hannigan is also pregnant with her second child. HMMM … do you think the Buffy pals are intentionally coordinating the birth of their children? As cute as that sounds, it’s highly unlikely … I guess it’s just a happy coincidence. Hopefully the couple will confirm this happy news soon … I’m anxious to get an official Bump Watch underway. Let’s sent our tentative LURVE and CONGRATS to Sarah and Freddie on the expansion of their little family. Seriously, this is the best news ever!!


  • Paul From Toronto

    I was actually worried there was something wrong with their relationship bc you never see them together or hear much of them together. I hope this is true bc they are adorable together!

    • @Paul From Toronto — IMHO, the couples you never hear about in the tabloids are the ones that are the most normal/solid/loving. I just love them :)

    • Paul From Toronto

      You’re right. I am really rooting for them. They are cute and love how they fell for each other while filming “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, which is one of my fav teen horror flicks! They just dont make them like they used to. Oh god. I am sounding old now. ha ha

    • Jamie

      I agree, Trent! IMO couples who are happy don’t need to let the world know b/c they are too busy being happy. :-) I love Sarah Michelle Gellar! And she is one of the cutest pregnant ladies EVER so I will be psyched if this news is true. Now Ringer just needs to get picked up for a second season.

  • Ashley

    SO happy about this. :) Seriously stoked. I am still hoping to oneday see a Charlotte/Satyana playdate, because that would be so adorable. :)

  • Mario

    Sooo… this means no season 2 for Ringer? :(

  • rOXy

    Seriously. It has been a great day today! Love this news. Hope it’s true!


    Good excuse to cancel “The Ringer” tbqh

    • @CHASE — STFU!!! xo, Me

  • Jesse

    Or maybe she could be his under big jackets and behind furniture ala SJP on sex and the city :). Ps the world needs Ringer 2 for closure at the very least.

  • Megan

    She took his last name a while back for their anniversary didn’t she? Just curious if I remember right.

  • caroline

    maybe for season 2 of ringer Bridget could be pregnant and Andrew would have to deal with the ensuing conflict. There MUST be a season 2!!!!

  • Cat

    As the first season of Ringer progressed, I was starting to wonder if she was expecting. Something about the clothing and angles of Bridget (obvs Siobhan didn’t need to hide anything) seemed like a cover-up. Congrats if true!

  • Sarah & Freddie are two of my favorite people. They have an incredible Mack for parenting, and I’m certain that Charlotte is deeply involved in this gestation and birthing process.

    I heard that the CW pulled the plug on ‘Ringer’- BAD IDEA! I hope that this year’s Emmys bare that out.