First Look: MTV Releases A Trailer For ‘Snooki & JWOWW’


For the past few months, Jersey Shore stars Nicole Snooki Polizzi and Jenni JWOWW Farley have been filming a spin-off reality TV series of their own … today, we get out first look at this new show. Titled Snooki & JWOWW, this new spin-off series was originally intended to be a sort of bachelorette pad-centered show … but with Snooki’s unplanned pregnancy (and shotgun engagement to her babydaddy), the show looks instead to be, well, something else. Click below to check out the first railer for Snooki & JWOWW and see what’s in store from the girls of Jersey Shore.

When we first heard about this spin-off show, I imagined it would be a bit like a modern day version of Laverne & Shirley, you know but … drunker, trashier, dumber. Instead, because of Snooki’s condition, it sounds like the show will focus less on two bachelorettes partying and more on, well, the complications that impede all the partying due to pregnancy. Sounds like a fun show, eh? Here’s the trailer, see for yourselves:

In all honesty, the Jersey Shore and its castmembers have lost their allure ages ago. I do not see anything in this trailer that looks at all interesting to me. I guess it sucks for JWOWW because not only does she not get to let loose on her own TV show but she will undoubtedly play second fiddle to Snooki’s baby bump. I suppose there are some Jersey Shore fans who might get a kick out of a show like this but … I’m unconvinced. Will you be tuning in to watch Snooki & JWOWW when it debuts on MTV this year?


  • kendra

    I say I won’t watch, but more than likely, I’ll get sucked in somehow..Why am I so lame??

  • Sandy!

    Yup, I’ll be watching. I’m such a sucker

  • bill

    Looks better than Pauly ds show, which is not funny at all btw

  • Iheartaustin

    OMG call me crazy! But I loooove this sneak peek!! I really think I’ll watch it I like sober Snooki lol and when JWOWW sees the baby… It’s awesome!

  • marcus_em

    I will be watching mainly because it was filmed in the town next to mine and the town I worked in and went to college in so im very familiar with the area .. WHICH btw happens to be GROSS and very dangerous lol.. So it will be fun to watch them turn it into something it isn’t for tv and only film on the very few non gang/drug related area’s that are not covered in grafitti or by 99 cent stores filled with creatons and miscreants from the depths of hell lol hey if they can do it to seaside right!? also funny is that the practice field for an all boys catholic prep school football team is literally in their backyard lmao im sure they wont really show that but who knows, these two are the only thing that kept me watching jersey shore this long anyway … so we will see.

  • Megsterg

    Lol. I think it actually looks cute

  • naomi black

    I love how actors are out of work & so people can “act” like some cartoon version of themselves in reality television… kinda like Neil Patrick Harris in those Harold & Kumar films! Now we have spin-offs of these shows promoted like 80’s sitcoms… WTF is going on with entertainment television…. I don’t get it!?! What I do get this whole “reality” thing is just a gimmick… all these reality stars are just the new wave of actors… you might as well call them actors!! They’re paid like actors… they are treated like actors… hell sometimes better… I’m scared of the day we hear… Oscar nominee Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi… it scares me Trent.. it scares me!!! :0)