E! News Shocks Giuliana Rancic With Surprise Mini Baby Shower


Earlier this morning we got to see inside Jessica Simpson’s baby shower. Now, we get to see a totally different shower, for an equally wonderful and blessed mom-to-be, Giuliana Rancic. The TV host and reality TV star announced earlier this week that she and hubby, Bill, are expecting their first child via a gestational surrogate. They have struggled to have a baby for years now, and publicly acknowledged the heartache surrounding that. Yesterday, the very deserving mother-to-be arrived at work only to be surprised with a baby shower congratulating her on the very happy news. Check out sweet pics from Giuliana’s mini shower..

Giuliana’s assistant, Sarah Knight, who surely knows the intimate and deeply personal struggle that Giuliana and Bill have been through the past few years, organized the shower and tweeted the happy photos.

“Just surprised Giuliana with a mini baby shower,” the TV host’s assistant, tweeted. “We’re all so happy!” Giuliana posted back, “Luv u girl & my amazing @ENews family:)) I was shocked!”

Giuliana and Bill know the gender of their baby, which is entirely their own genetic embryo, but are choosing to keep it a secret from the public. They are also keeping the identity of the gestational surrogate private, which in my personal opinion, is a very wise idea.

As we don’t yet know if the Rancic bub is a boy or a girl, the shower didn’t feature blue or pink, but instead green and yellow treats. The photo of Giuliana’s shocked face when she walks in and sees the beautiful shower all set up says it all – she is so lucky to have a workplace and close friends and colleagues that are there for her during the good times and the bad. We too are so pleased for Bill and Giuliana. They are very deserving of this happiness and blessed miracle child. Can’t wait to meet you little one.

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  • Kiki

    I know it sounds cheesy, but I got goose bumps when I saw these photos. I’m so happy that Giuliana & Bill are finally able to have a baby! I respect them so much for publicly going through such difficult times. I’m sure many people have found comfort and support from their story.

  • michelle

    Aww..love hearing about happy news. Good for them!!

  • jennifer

    I am so happy for them!!! I love that they are down to earth and share the true struggles in their lives!!! Wishing them many blessing:)