Arriving In The Motherland


¡Hola! David and I made it to Baja California, Mexico safe and sound yesterday … but after a LONG day of travel. The flight from LA to Cabo wasn’t very long but it turned out to be only the first leg of our travels. Still, we made it to our destination without incident and are now doing our best to enjoy the beautiful pueblo of Todos Santos in between our wedding duties as groomsmen.

The trip almost got off to a bad start when we found out the bar was “temporarily closed” in the airport lounge but we managed to rally by stuffing our faces with all the food options that were made available to us. Our flight to Mexico was quick and easy but upon our arrival we had to procure a Ford Exposition so that we could DRIVE the 2 hours to our destination. The first thing you need on a road trip is snacks so we made a pitstop along the way:

We also had to pick up “a few things” for the wedding on our way to town … it turns out “a few things” was actually 8 boxes of vases and other glassware and a huge wooden canopy thing that had to be strapped to the roof of our vehicle. THEN we had a nice long drive thru the desert (on roads that weren’t always paved, mind you) to get to our hotel. BUT WE MADE IT! Josh and Emma were waiting for us upon arrival and came running out with margaritas in hand. Last night was fun, the first group of us to arrive supped and drank and just hung out for the entire night.

Today, after a bit of work, David and I have the wedding rehearsal and then later we have the rehearsal dinner. But before we get to wedding work, we’re hoping to enjoy some of this beautiful Mexican weather! I’ll try to snap photos to share, I realize this post is severely lacking in photos. Honestly, as soon as we arrived last night, I stowed my phone and computer and just … relaxed.

Happy Friday, Happy Weekend Friends! I hope you have a great day!! ¡Adios!

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  • Shannon

    My wedding rehearsal is tonight and my wedding is tomorrow too! Congrats to your friends!! Have a wonderful time!

  • rOXy

    Two wedding in two consecutive weekends in different countries and no where near where you live. It’s official. You’re a jetsetter.

    • @rOXy — “It’s official. You’re a jetsetter.” OR we’re just mashochists.

    • kel

      OR really good friends.

  • Oscar in Miami Beach

    Isn’t the name of the town “Todos los Santos” (All the Saints) just as November 1st.Have fun and be careful.Mexico is very dangerous these days.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Whatever you do, don’t drink the water! Let us learn from Charlotte York’s mistake.. Hope you all took some pudding to eat.

    • Balito

      Ha ha ha,,, just soda and drinks!!!