Watch: Adam Levine Admits To Jay Leno How He Got The Role On ‘American Horror Story’


As you know, the star of Maroon 5 and The Voice, Adam Levine, is adding actor to his resume by joining the cast of Ryan Murphy’s American Horror Story in the upcoming second season. They have been slowly leaking more and more intriguing information to us about the new season.. the cast, the premise, the location, the era… now, we have insight into one of the biggest announcements AHS revealed – why Adam Levine? Adam appeared on Jay Leno’s Tonight Show and discussed a lot of different things, including his new role on American Horror Story. Watch it here…

Some readers were surprised when Adam was selected to join the second season of AHS, and Adam addressed this in his interview with Jay Leno, by acknowledging that acting is new to him, but something that he wants to pursue. He also revealed that the director, Ryan Murphy, is a good friend of his, and basically, asked Adam if he’d be keen to join the cast, which came as somewhat of a surprise to him.

I know some people were also surprised when it was announced that Adam was joining the cast, especially given that he doesn’t have much acting experience. I can see where they are coming from with this, but I’m actually pretty excited to see how he does. Maybe he is going to surprise everyone, including himself? Obviously, it also wont be hard to watch hottie, Mr Levine, on TV more regularly, so I’m not complaining. Watch him here with Jay Leno, discussing how he came to get the American Horror Story gig…

  • Scott

    As long as he shows his bare ass I am completely fine with his being on the second season.

  • Jacqui

    When does the new season start? I am so curious about wtf they are going to do!