TLC Announces Plans To Resurrect Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes For A Reunion Tour


It started with the hologram resurrection of the late rapper Tupac Shakur. Then we heard that the Jackson brothers are planning to resurrect the late Michael Jackson in hologram form for an upcoming tour. Now we learn that the 90s rap group TLC are planning to resurrect the late Lisa Left Eye Lopes for a reunion tour to mark the 10th anniversary of her death. The surviving members of TLCTione T-Boz Watkins and Rozonda Chilli Thomashave announced plans for a reunion concert tour this year that will feature a video projection of Left Eye on stage with them. And so … it begins. Here come the holograms.

For the first time in nearly a decade, TLC will be reuniting for a U.S. concert tour later this year — and TMZ has learned, the late Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes will be making a special appearance. The group’s rep tells us, Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins and Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas are currently in the planning stages of a massive 2012 reunion tour in the U.S. So far, we’re told 5 major cities have already been booked — and even more are in the works. But the big surprise … we’re told the group plans to pull a Tupac — incorporating their deceased former member Left Eye in the shows, projecting her image on a big screen and working her vocals into the live performances.

News of this reunion tour came out late yesterday, 10 years to the day that Lisa Left Eye Lopes died in a fatal car accident in Honduras … so clearly, TLC is making a statement with this announcement. The fact that they have 5 major cities booked for this tour already means that this tour will likely become a reality. I’m not quite sure that I believe that Left Eye will appear on stage as a hologram/projection, it’s more likely that she will appear on video screens but still … Left Eye will be along for the tour … which is exciting, I guess. I used to ooooh, be on the TLC tip back in the day so this is a tour that I’d like to see. What do y’all think? Any TLC fans in the hiz? What do you think of this reunion tour plan?


  • shoesofpink

    Awe, how… creepy.

    • @shoesofpink — LOL

  • Iheartaustin

    I used to love TLC and still jam out to
    “No Scrubs” but… I’m already sick of the hologram thing and I hope that isn’t the way their going with this!

  • Hita

    Is it Lopez or Lopes? Thanks.

    • @Hita — I believe it’s Lopes.

  • Hannah

    I’m worried that this hologram thing will become too big. Instead of encouraging new artists we will just be seeing dead legends.

  • Vicky

    Bring on the hologram Kurt Cobain for a Nirvana reunion tour!!!!!!

  • Janaegal

    This whole dead artist performing via hologram totally creeps me out while simultaneously intriguing me. It’s very strange, I’m excited to see favorite artists like Sam Cooke or Kurt Cobain, but I feel guilty even saying that.

  • And so it comes Michael Jackson :(

  • Grace

    UGH! is all I have to say.

  • Sarah

    I work at a calling center for a university, and to cheer up my callers I play 90’s music over our television speakers (not allowed to watch TV). TLC is requested at some point every time.


    In a way, I feel like this is disgusting. I mean, they’re pretty much USING a deceased person for their own profit. They better give some of the money to Lisa’s family, etc. I just feel like this hologram business is…gross. Using someone who’s gone for their own personal benefit. It’s just sickening, really. T-Boz and Chilli strike me as shady. When Lisa first passed, they said they couldn’t go on and would never replace her. They tried it as a duo and didn’t work, then they had a reality show to seek a third member.

  • Kim

    Hatsane Miku Takes on THE WORLD

  • Krissy

    I am still on the fence about the hologram thing. On one hand it allows younger generations the ability to see great performers they might not have otherwise been exposed to…on the other hand, that image ISN’T the actual person. It will be an edited and manufactured replication of that performer, and perhaps it won’t reflect the standards of the artist it is portraying.

  • nicole

    ugh, im so over this hologram thing already.
    couldnt they just show her on a normal screen?

  • alicia

    i think if they do a hologram it would be HILARIOUS if someone hacked it and put up a hologram of the most famous hologram robert picardo as the doctor from star trek voyager…. just saying he was the singing holographic doctor.

  • Jen

    According to T-Boz (via twitter), the hologram is not a for sure thing. She said that they tried to do a hologram 7 years ago but it was ridiculously expensive. They project Lisa up on 2 big screens. She also said this on twitter.
    “No we are going on tour & we are going to hv Lisa it’s just not 5 shows booked I told u they pull from something & add what they want. But that brings people to the site. That’s how they get attention! But we will be on tour but it’ll be a TLC report not TMZ.”

  • Leah

    What I want to know is, when are Jem and her band hitting the road?

  • BCDanielle

    This seems so wrong to me. What a cash grab. Let her (and other musicians) rest in peace.

  • cinner

    The novelty of this has worn off. The way that it was so shockingly done at Coachella with Tupac just can’t be duplicated. Lisa Lopes doesn’t carry the legend status of Tupac, and there was relatively no publicity about what happened at Coachella. Taking this, whether in hologram form or another “smoke and mirror” approach just cheapens any integrity of the acts trying to pull this off. No thanks.