Jennie Garth Set To Play The Lead In Film Adaptation ‘The Eleventh Victim’


The last few weeks we have been hearing about Jennie Garth in the context of her divorce from hubby, Peter Facinelli. The lovely, Jennie, celebrated her 40th birthday last week with her 90210 buddies, and today she has more to celebrate – she will be the lead in the upcoming novel-to-movie adaptation, The Eleventh Victim.

The novel by Nancy Grace, centers around the character of Hailey Dean, who will be played by Jennie; a highly successful Atlanta DA whose fiancé is murdered. After a big courtroom triumph, securing the conviction of Clint Burrell Cruise for the murder of 11 prostitutes, Dean leaves the DA office and moves to Manhattan for a new career as a therapist. But soon Cruise is released from prison on appeal and starts stalking her and killing off her patients.

Murders, attorneys and courtroom dramas – this will certainly be a new role for Jennie, and a pretty big break as she makes the late transition to the big screen. She has done a whole bunch of TV movies since her days as Kelly Taylor on 90210, but this type of character is certainly a new challenge for her. I think this is a great thing though for Jennie. She has clearly been through a pretty massive personal upheaval, separating from her husband of 11 years. This could be the sign of a new phase in her life, and I for one, am all for it. What do you think of Jennie Garth playing the lead role in this new movie?

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  • shoesofpink

    Jenny Garth is a great actress. She’s not what I’m worried about. It’s that horrible book by Nancy Grace being turned into a movie that concerns me.

  • Krissy

    That is kind of a creepy plot for a book, considering that Grace was an attorney whose fiance was murdered. I understand why she has them, but I think Nancy Grace has serious issues and needs some non-televised counseling.

  • In the second episode of “What I Like About You” was Jennie Garth pregnant?