Hugh Jackman To Host ‘Tropfest USA’ Short Film Festival In NYC


A few months ago we heard that the Sydney originated short film festival, Tropfest, will be debuting in New York this summer. As a Sydney-sider, I have loved Tropfest for years. It started as a local and very small short film festival out of a cafe in the inner city suburb of Darlinghurst, and has grown over the years into the world’s largest FREE short film festival attached to an annual summer outdoor event that attracts hundreds of thousands of people. This year Tropfest is branching out into the U.S. and will be held on the 23rd of June in NYC’s Bryant Park. Today we have heard even better news – that Aussie darling, Hugh Jackman, is going to be hosting the event.

Hugh tweeted yesterday afternoon, “Hey guys!! I’m excited to host @TropfestUSA’s Short Film Festival, Jun 23 @BryantParkNYC. Have you submitted your film?”

“Knowing that Tropfest has opened doors for brilliant filmmakers, actors, and others for the past 20 years, I’m proud to be a part of the festival as it expands its reach to the U.S. and brings its competition to New York,” said Jackman in a statement. “As a mecca of the arts, New York is a perfect host for a festival that empowers creative minds to try their hand at filmmaking.”

Tropfest began twenty years ago when director John Polson, who you may know from the film, Hide & Seek, which he directed with Robert De Niro and Dakota Fanning, showed a six-minute film he made for under $100 at his local café in Sydney, Australia, for 200 guests. Today the annual free festival in Sydney receives thousands of submissions, is attended by more than 150,000 people and watched live via satellite by hundreds of thousands more. In recent years, the festival has featured the work of well known actors, Sam Worthington and Joel Edgerton and director Alister Grierson and Tony Rogers directed a short film, Wilfred, which was later adapted for American television in the series starring Elijah Wood.

Hugh Jackman is the perfect person for bridging Australia and New York through this film festival. As a proud Aussie actor who has called NYC home for a few years now, he will raise the profile of the event and bring a huge Aussie brand into a new market. He will also just be a cool, great guy to watch on stage. He is totally perfect for this family friendly, casual summer event.

Those of you that have been to Tropfest in Sydney will know what it is all about and by now will be getting very excited too. I for one, have already ordered my FREE tickets to the June 23rd event and I am sooo excited! It is the perfect summer event… films, afternoon sunshine, balmy evening, picnics, wine, friends… if you live in NYC, or can get here, go online and got your free tickets! I guarantee you will love Tropfest and plus, you’ll get to hang out with Hugh Jackman. What’s not to love?

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  • Sarah

    Great article Melissa! As a fellow Sydney-sider in NYC, I am soooo excited for Tropfest. And the delicious Hugh Jackman, of course!! Thanks for the heads up.