Disney Is Working On A New Hand-Drawn Animated Film


The Walt Disney Animation Research Library issued a press release today to publicly wish a Happy Birthday to famed Disney animation director Ron Clements … and in the process, they revealed that plans are in the works for a new hand-drawn animated film. Clements previously worked on the Disney animated films The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Heracles, The Princess and the Frog and more … and is currently working on an as-yet unnamed new hand-drawn animated feature! Woot!! Click below to read the press release in full and learn all there is to know about this exciting news.

On this 25th of April, we wish Artist-Writer-Director Ron Clements a Happy Birthday! Born in Sioux City, Iowa, Ron joined Disney Animation as an apprentice to Frank Thomas (one of the Nine Old Men of Disney Animation) and made his feature debut as an Animator on THE RESCUERS. Joining John Musker, Ron and John (as they’re known at the Studio) have co-directed THE GREAT MOUSE DETECTIVE, THE LITTLE MERMAID, ALADDIN, HERCULES, TREASURE PLANET, and PRINCESS AND THE FROG. Ron and John are currently working to develop the next hand-drawn feature at Disney Animation. (Sorry, we can’t tell you what that is.)

Now, before we get too excited … we are probably 3 or 4 years away from the release of this film. It takes a long time to create a hand-drawn animated film. The last such film produced by Disney was The Princess and the Frog (which I loved but others did not). I am a huge Disney/Pixar computer animation fan, no question, but my heart will always belong to the magic of hand-drawn animation. I am really excited by this news and I am really looking forward to learning more … in time. For now, I’ll just give another WOOT!!


  • Megan

    I’m super excited. I love these films!

  • Rian

    I’m with you Trent, princess and the frog was fantastic. The re-imaging of a classic tale, to a beautiful backdrop and and even more beautiful music made it perfect to me.

    P.s I’ve been reading your blog for 7 years now (started when I was just 15) and this is my first comment on anything. I love the blog and read everything you put out! Thankyou for an enjoyable read (even if I don’t agree on your stance with lady gaga)

  • Best Disney news I’ve heard in a while. They need something for fans to look forward to after the disaster that was John Carter. I much prefer hand-drawn Disney movies over the Pixar ones (with the exception of the Toy Story franchise of course). Too bad we have to wait between 3-4 years before it is in theaters.

  • blaqfury

    This is great. I wonder if they’ll go with another animal lead?

    I do like Princess and the Frog. I had to watch it multiple times to start to get to that point. The story was great, but the songs didn’t have the immediate addictiveness like Lion King, Beauty & the Beast, Little Mermaid… etc…

  • Balito

    I didnt saw HERACLES!!! :( Wait… ive never heard of it… I love HERCULES tho… :/ Ha ha ha

    • @Balito — The true spelling is Heracles, I refuse to acknowledge the common misspelling :P

    • AmandaPanda

      Heracles is actually the Greek spelling and Hercules is the Roman. The Romans did take the general story from the Greeks, but they changed and expanded upon it and he was much more of a hero in the Roman world than the Greek. It doesn’t really matter that much in this context, though, because the Disney version is so far removed from either the Roman or the Greek mythology that it’s almost unrecognizable. That being said, I do love that movie :)

    • @AmandaPanda — “Heracles, Heracles, Heracles!!!” said in my best Klumps voice :)

  • Iheartaustin

    I’m a huge fan o Disney cartoons hand drawn and Pixar! I just saw the princess and the frog and really enjoyed it and toy story 3 was best picture Oscar material I haven’t cried that hard in a long time! And the little mermaid is my all time favorite movie so I’m gonna remain optimistic and hope this movie is amazing! Can’t wait

  • AmandaPalmina

    woooooooo this is great! i feel some of the magic is taken away with computer animation, hand-drawn is so much more magical

  • Heather

    That is great news, they do such amazing work with the hand-drawn films. Now my next challenge to Disney is to make a story in which the climax of the film does not involve violence…can it be done?