Brad Pitt’s High School Yearbook Photos Hit The Internets


Two weeks ago the world learned officially that Brad Pitt and his longtime ladylove/babymama Angelina Jolie got themselves engaged to be married. Today, we step back in time a wee bit further to check out a batch of really cute photos of Brad back when he was a wee one himself. Photos of Brad Pitt from his various yearbooks have made their way online and they give us a really cute look at the movie star back when he was just a boy. Wanna see what Brad looked like in high school? Check out the photos below.

Aww Brad, he still looks the same, don’tcha think? What strikes me most about these young photos of Brad is how much his daughter Shiloh Nouvel looks like him. If that little girl starts feathering her hair, she’s gonna turn into his twin ;) These are cute photos, yeah? :)


  • You are right Trent. That is the first thing that I noticed. Shiloh is the splitting image of his father.

    • Rus

      Lol you do realise Shiloh is a SHE… she just dresses like a boy cause she’s a bit of a tomboy that one.

    • Ben@pr

      I’m sure she realized.

  • nicole

    yeah theres no way anyone could say Shiloh isnt his kid.

  • rOXy

    Agree on the Shiloh comment. His kid all the way. Actually Vivienne looks a lot like her sister. You can tell them apart when they are side by side, but I saw a piece that showed pictures at various ages and asked you to identify them. It was really difficult and I got it wrong half the time. So Brad has got some strong genes. Those kids are gorgeous now but are going to grow into some real beauties. Shiloh has my heart, though. I love she is already a self-made person.

  • Ella

    The woman Shiloh settles down with will be a lucky lady. Or if she turns out straight, the guy she ends up with will have an inferiority complex because his girlfriend will be more handsome than he is.

    • Ben@pr

      I think is rude and tasteless using male oriented adjectives towards a girl no matter if they are intended as “compliments”. Either tomboy or girlie Shiloh is a really pretty girl and hopefully one day a beautiful woman.