‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’


So … I finally have about 5 minutes to breathe before I have to take care of another 10,000 things. Yesterday was a pretty hectic day for me. Our flight from NYC to LA was much earlier in the day that usual and I had some errands to take care of before I flew out so my work day was shorter than usual. It looks like today will be another hectic day for me. Already, I’ve run out to the tailor to pick up my tuxedo for Emma and Josh’s wedding this weekend but I still have a bunch of things to take care of this afternoon before I head out to the Walt Disney Studio lot in Burbank, CA for an early screening of The Avengers. I know, it sounds like I’m complaining … but believe me, I’m not. It’s just … dang, there’s so much to do in so little time.

I did manage to spend some time on the plane yesterday reading the first book in the Game of Thrones book series. The series is actually titled A Song of Ice and Fire and A Game of Thrones is just the name of the first book. I’ve head from far too many Pink readers that the books MUST be read so … here I go. I read almost the entire first half of the book already … but I still have a lot of reading to go. There are 5 (or 6?) books out now and I understand they are long books. I am LOVING A Game of Thrones so much. While I love the HBO series, I must agree with your recommendations … the detail featured in the book is much more entertaining.

I’ll have more time to read on the plane tomorrow because David and I will be jetting down to Mexico for this coming weekend’s wedding. BUT before that, I have so much repacking to do, a bit of laundry, gotta settle my bow tie situation then run out to see the movie tonight. Yeah, bizzy. I really appreciate all y’all’s patience and understanding. Things will be back to normal in a few days but in the mean time, please excuse my running around with my head cut off :)

Happy Hump DAY!!!

  • nicole

    theres 5 books out right now with 2 more on the way. i’ll warn you now..around book 3 and the beginning of book 4..it gets a little slow, but keep with it, it picks back up!

    • Lisbeth Slander

      “Storm of Swords”, slow?!?! The most explosive events of the entire published series, to which the producers of the show have even commented on anticipating depicting, are in that book. It’s an absolute Game changer. There is nothing slow about it, the ending is literally drop the book shocking. (Though I agree that “A Feast for Crows” is slooooow.)
      Also I saw your comment below on “The Winds of Winter” (Book 6) coming out this summer. That’s not happening, he told Entertainment Weekly last fall he had written 100 pages and would be taking the holiday season off and starting up again on it in January 2012, WoW is at least three years away from being published, at best.

    • nicole

      maybe i was thinking of the clash of kings? i dont know..i remember thinking one took awhile to get going..and one just never got going (its been a while since ive read the books)

      as for WoW – i hadn’t heard any real updates about it. so thank you! im a little glad it wont be out for awhile, gives me a chance to catch up on some other books lol

  • Meghan

    Wait till you get to book 3!!!!!!!!!!

    • @Meghan — Ugh, I know! I thought about starting with book 3 after the end of season 2 of GoT on HBO but … no, I decided I need to read all the books in full. I’m reading as fast as I can ;)

    • Meghan

      In some ways, I wish I hadn’t read the books before watching the series. The series is so wonderful and there is some majorly shocking stuff coming up(if they stay consistent with the books). I’m excited to see what the reaction of show only fans will be.

  • Trent, have you read The Gargoyle? I’m reading it now and am obsessed. Such a good read.

  • MD

    It’s actually called A Song of Ice and Fire. :)

  • anamme

    Trent, take your time reading the books! I just finished the 5th book after speed-running thru the series, now there’s a big hole in my life :) Martin notoriously takes foreverrr between books…enjoy though, they’re fantastic!

    • nicole

      if i remember right…i read that book 6 is suppose to come out this summer. so you wont have to wait long :)
      unlike me..whos still waiting for book 5 to come out on paperback *which is suppose to happen this summer..which means i’ll have to wait forever for book 6 to come out on PB*

  • georgie

    AUDIOBOOK!!!!! so much easier to digest all that information. i did two books in two weeks (im also a slow reader though) but the guy who does the audiobooks is GREAT and i love ’em.

  • QN

    I was relieved when I finally finished devouring the books last summer, but now envy you their newness. Waiting for the next installment sucks, and I briefly found myself geeking out at Westeros.org to stay in the world a little longer.

    One trick to getting through the bloated writing is to skip/skim the ENDLESS LISTS, e.g. scores of outfits, sigils and alliances (including many characters you’ll never see again or remember); page after page of ingredients in a meal. Very rarely, the lists have buried story elements, but nothing you can’t get elsewhere. The listomania is like a side effect of his highly realized world and superhuman ability to track details.