Is Britney Spears Planning To Take Up Residency In Las Vegas?


While we STILL wait to hear officially whether or not Britney Spears will join the hosting panel of the forthcoming season of The X Factor, a new report is out today that claims that our dear Britney is in talks with the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV to become their headlining act in Sin City. It appears that Britney is interested in performing on a regular basis in LV … if the price is right. Um, yeah, that sounds pretty freaking fantastic to me.

Britney Spears’ first multiweek deal as a Las Vegas resident headliner is being discussed with the Hard Rock Hotel. Vegas Confidential has learned Hard Rock President and Chief Operating Officer Paul Pusateri and Spears’ manager, Larry Rudolph, have been talking. Spears, who has sold more than 100 million albums worldwide, would perform at The Joint, the Hard Rock’s concert venue that can accommodate 4,000. “The queen of pop will be the queen of the Hard Rock if all goes according to plan,” a source close to the talks said … The Hard Rock’s new management team wants to change the fan experience by offering more accessibility to celebrities. “People will be able to rub shoulders with the celebs. Gone are the days of hiding them behind velvet ropes,” the source added. “You’ll be able to gamble with DJ Pauly D, have dinner with Britney and have drinks with Mötley Crüe.” Now 30, Spears continues to be a force in pop music. Last year, her seventh studio album, “Femme Fatale,” was her first to yield three top 10 singles in the United States. She ranks among Twitter’s most popular personalities with nearly 16 million followers. According to reports, Spears is close to a deal that would earn her $15 million as a judge on Simon Cowell’s “The X Factor.”

While I LOVE the idea of a regular Britney Spears residency so close to me, I can’t see how Britney can perform in LV and appear on The X Factor weekly. I’m sure it can be done, I just don’t see it happening tho. Perhaps this Las Vegas thing is now making the rounds because Britney is in final, final negotiations to judge The X Factor? Maybe this LV thing is a back-up plan? Whatever the case may be, I’m very excited that things are lookin’ so well for Britney these days. She is very much in demand and I’m certain that whatever her next venture will be, it will be a huge success. Honestly, if I had to pick … I don’t know which scenario I’d prefer. Yes, I’d love to be able to see Britney Spears in concert on a regular basis. Then again, I would also love to see her on TV twice a week. I think my heart is leaning toward the X Factor deal but if she ends up with a LV residency instead, I don’t think I’d be too mad. What do y’all think? Would you travel to Las Vegas, NV to see Britney live? If you could pick, which would YOU prefer … The X Factor or Las Vegas?


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  • Katie

    I think she could probably do both depending on scheduling. How long does X Factor normally run? She could take up residency in LV after it finishes filming.

    • @Katie — Yes, very true … she could do both. I don’t see that happening tho. The rehearsal schedule alone would be very significant … fitting rehearsals in with 2+ days of live TV taping doesn’t sound like a viable option.

  • Dclover

    I think X Factor is better in terms of family time! I can’t wait till she & Jason have babies! Her two boys would make great big brothers :)

  • tvpam

    Vegas! I’m not going to start watching that show even if she’s on it, but I do love me some Vegas!

  • Donny

    Good Lord, what is going on with her management team? Another terrible idea. I’m at a loss. What will the next news be?

  • Nathan

    I’d prefer a Vegas deal as opposed to X Factor.

  • DJ

    Doing the X Factor is beneath her and not worthy of someone of her current status. Being a guest judge for a week is one thing, but a regular? No.

    As for Vegas, that would be amazingly awesome… I just wish it wasn’t Hard Rock. Not a great hotel and it’s off the strip! For a night to see the show, I would totally go, though.

  • MM

    I’d MUCH prefer that she do the Las Vegas residency to X-Factor. She is much better suited to performing than to being on TV – which has way too many variables that are out of her control. Lest we forget Chaotic and how she came across there?

    It’s one thing to do a Glee cameo here and there but I think the pressure of being judged every week by America (comparisons to Christina and JLO etc.) would be too much for our girl and rightfully so since she’s already been judged enough. Since the show is already crappy, if it tanks further (which it likely will regardless of who the judges are) – Simon Cowell will surely put the blame on her since she’s an easy scapegoat. That could do a lot of lasting damage to her public persona. Let’s face it, he has said some horrible things about Britney over the years so he is not her friend and has zero reason to be loyal to her. Britney needs to play it smart and surround herself with people she can trust.

    At least in Vegas she would be around fans who paid to come to see her specifically. I think she could really shine in that setting and after all she’s been through, I just would rather see her and her adorable boys surrounded by love.

    I certainly would selfishly love to go to some shows too! :)

  • Ava

    I love MMs reply. Totally spot on.

  • Robot

    I would totally book a flight from Holland to see Britney in Vegas!

    But I wouldn’t mind to see her on X-Factor, I just really want to see the real Britney, corky, funny, serious, relaxed. Not with cue cards ect.

    Anyways, whatever Britney decides, can’t wait to see her back in action. New studio album please!!!

  • Tracy

    I don’t think this is good. I still feel in my heart that Britney is still very ill. I hope I’m wrong…