Zac Efron Poses With His Pet Puppy


Last week we got to see photos of actor Josh Hutcherson posing with his newly adopted puppy Driver. Today we get to see an equally adorable photo of actor Zac Efron posing with his newishly adopted puppy Puppy. Yep, Zac named his dog Puppy … isn’t that adorable? I’m not sure what it is about young male actors posing with their pet pooches and makes them look even more attractive but … I’m not really gonna argue. Check out Zac and Puppy looking totally adorable together below.

April 20, 2012Here’s the photo of Puppy I promised earlier. It’s from last Christmas morning. Hilarious! Cheers & thanks again!

As you can see, this photo is a few months old … which is why Zac looks so different. He was still sporting his buzzed hair’do from when he was filming The Lucky One (which opened in theaters this past weekend). I’m not even going to broach the question as who which pair looks cuter Josh and Driver or Zac and Puppy … mainly because I think there is more than enough adorableness to go around betwixt the pair of them. As I said, there’s something intrinsically cute about a man and his dog. I know I’d love to see more photos of hottie male actors posing with man’s best friend :)


  • Ama

    Aw, the photo is a bit blurry.

    I think why it is so attractive to see a guy with a dog(a well taken care of one especially) is because it automatically makes one think that person is ‘good’ or ‘kind’ – same with babies.

  • Ama

    Also, puppy is actually a smart name, ha. Because I know everytime I see a dog, even big and clearly adult dogs, I’ll call them a puppy.

    … But maybe that’s just me XD

  • desi

    Love the name…I had a large stuffed animal dog as a child I named “Big Doggy,”….
    Dog looks super cute