Watch: Miranda Kerr Behind The Scenes At ‘Women’s Weekly’ Photoshoot With Her Mom And Grandma


Aussie supermodel that can also go by the name Mrs Bloom, Miranda Kerr, has just finished a special photoshoot for the Australian magazine, Women’s Weekly, showcasing 3 generations of ladies in her family. The photo spread is part of a Mother’s Day special the magazine is featuring. Miranda, her mom, Therese, and grandma, Nan Kerr, all star in a gorgeous set of photos, and Miranda, who is a mother to her own adorable son, Flynn Bloom, has revealed some backstage footage from the shoot with her fans via her website, KORAOrganics.

What stunning women? You can see where Miranda gets her looks from. Her mother is just gorgeous, and Miranda looks a lot like her, and her grandmother is beautiful. I’ve never met Miranda, but she just seems like the most warm, down to earth, totally gorgeous woman. I love this photo shoot because you truly get a great insight into her values and personality. She clearly puts a big emphasis on family, and you can see how close she is to both her mom and her grandmother in this shoot, the matriarchs of her family.

“I am excited to be featured in this month’s issue of the Australian Women’s Weekly with my Mum and Grandmother,” the 29-year-old Aussie model recently wrote on her Facebook page. “A special shoot to celebrate Mother’s Day with the two women I love most,” she added. “I will cherish the experience forever.”

As someone who is very close to her own mother and grandmother, who are both amazing, wonderful, beautiful women (who both read this blog voraciously) this photo spread really touched me. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

Check out some behind-the-scenes footage from the Kerr ladies’ shoot below..


  • Steph

    I actually think she looks much more like her grandmother, who I suspect is her father’s mum (if her last name is Kerr). I can’t see a resemblance to her mum at all. xx