Sarah Jessica Parker And Her Twin Daughters Have An Ice Cream Day


Sarah Jessica Parker took to the parks of New York City to cool down on Saturday’s unusually warm spring day. When the park wasn’t enough, she turned to ice cream. And, I don’t think cuties, Marion and Tabitha Parker-Broderick minded too much at all. Mom and twin daughters hung out on the swings and chowed down on popsicles, and we have the CUTE pics to prove it.

I just love these girls! Even just a simple photo of them playing happily on the swings in the West Village, eating ice creams is adorable. SJP seems so happy these days, and who wouldn’t be when you have these two little munchkins to play with? The photo of darling Marion on the swing with her huge smile just says it all, and that face covered in red ice cream… ugh! Too cute! I could seriously stalk this family…


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    SOOOO CUTE!!!! Those popsicles looks YUMMY!

  • Steph

    The girls look completely different! Cute pictures.