Rihanna Looks Gorgeous In Her First ‘Harper’s Bazaar’ Photoshoot


On Saturday, Rihanna spent a few hours high up in the in the picturesque Malibu canyons ranch for her first Harper’s Bazaar photoshoot. She announced the news that she will be gracing the pages of Harper’s magazine on Twitter, and now we get to see some of the pics from behind the scenes on location for the high end fashion magazine. With her hair back dark again, and clad in a long all-white floor length dress, Rihanna actually looks pretty stunning. Check out some of the pics from Saturday’s shoot before they hit the magazine…

At the beginning of April Rihanna unveiled her new look, yet again. This time her hair was turned back to it’s dark brunette shade, and a lot of Pink readers commented that they liked this style on her. Rihanna has been everything from platinum blonde, to fire engine red the past few months, and now she has decided to go back to her more natural looking black hair. She is definitely showing it off today in the latest pics for Harper’s Bazaar. Her tan skin and dark hair perfectly offsets the sexy white-out dress she is working, and I have to say, this is the best I have seen Rihanna look in some time, in my opinion.

Check out pics from the Harper’s Bazaar magazine shoot. What do you think of Rihanna’s glamorous look?


  • Rihanna is really stunning, but she pulls that away with sigs and that “bad chick” attitude …

  • ~chris

    She looks like monkey :/

    • JCZ

      Typical haters, can’t even use English properly!

      Now unless you’re Miranda Kerr, which I sincerely doubt cause she has a heart of gold, then I highly bet you are not as attractive as Rihanna. Since Rihanna is my standard, I would consider you to ‘look like monkey’ which is a metaphor for ugliness.

      Ri looks great – as usual. Haters only hate cause they hate themselves – clearly Rihanna is a reflection of what Chris wants to look like (man or woman). Since they cannot, they hate, makes them feel better. And as for this ‘gangsta look’ Rihanna has already had that personality behind the scenes, maybe she is just being more of herself these days in her fashion etc…

  • Ben@pr

    She clean up so nicely!!! Seriously I hate her gangsta girl look she’s been sporting lately. She went from being edgy, chic and sexy (Disturbia and Umbrella videos) to gangsta’ poser. Stop trying so hard Rihana.