Katy Perry Spotted Pashing The Guitarist From Florence + The Machine


It is good to see that Katy Perry is over her ex hubby, Russell Brand. New pics have surfaced today of the purple hued pop star making out, canoodling, and getting cozy with a new man… Robert Ackroyd, the guitarist from the band, Florence and The Machine. Katy and Robert were snapped getting very close and displaying lots of PDA at Coachella over the weekend. Check out the pics below…

Katy and Russell reached a divorce settlement back in February, and there were reports for a while that he was hooking up with various women. Katy was also rumored to be dating French model Baptiste Giabiconi a few weeks ago, but that was never confirmed. Today, we have actual footage of Katy’s new lover… and he is pretty into her!

We don’t yet know if this is anything serious, or just a festival fling, but one thing is for sure – Katy and Robert look pretty happy together. They clearly had a very fun time together at Coachella yesterday, and I say.. good for her. The English rocker is a cutie, but she could just have a thing for British accents… do you think this is a fling or potential new couple???


  • helen

    They look like a couple of teenagers. I love it!

  • rOXy

    I hope this is a thing and not just a fling. They look great together. A serious upgrade.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Anything after Russel Brand is un upgrade :)

  • Ria

    a) Her hair color looks AMAZING.
    b) I’m glad she’s not with Baptiste anymore. His intentions were questionable, I felt.
    c) They look cute together. :)

  • Ria

    This may sound weird but in older Archie comics, they would sometimes show Veronica’s super-brunette hair with a tinge of blue for reasons I never understood (maybe to emphasize it’s black color?). Anyways, Katy Perry’s hair reminds me of that. :)

    • Ria


    • kel

      I COMPLETELY KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT! sorry for the screamy capitals, but archie comics are not mentioned much and that totally fits what i was thinking

    • Jackie

      She had “blue black” hair. I dyed my hair that color once, and when the light hit it, it did reflect some blue. :)
      I loved the Archie Comics.