Is Victoria Beckham Working At Starbucks?


Victoria Beckham isn’t known as a funny lady … but from time to time, her humorous side does come out. One day we see her in her serious mode promoting her wares in far off locales. The next, we see her being silly on an airplane with a cute flight attendant. Today we get to see what Vicki B. might look like as a Starbucks barista. She and BFF Ken Paves were snapped behind the counter at a Starbucks … and the photo was shared by VB to all of her Twitter followers. Order up, check out the cheeky photo below.

Who ordered the frap?? X vb

LOL! The Starbucks apron looks so fetch on her, don’t it? I think she would do very well as a barista. I love photos like this because it really does humanize the one robotic Vickibot. She deffo has a silly side to her that she’s not afraid to show off. If you don’t already, I highly suggest you follow Victoria Beckham on Twitter. You will get to see a side to her that you might not know exists … she actually has a warm, funny, human side :)


  • Ben@pr

    I like her style and her sense of humor. I’m still not over the plate full of fruits for her birthday which I’m sure she didn’t eat all the fruits.

  • Denise

    It’s hard for me to laugh “with” VB, since she refuses to smile herself (I guess to preventlaugh lines?).

  • Goofy

    Another lameass pic from Vic Beckham.