Giuliana And Bill Rancic Are Having A Baby!


Giuliana and Bill Rancic have some wonderful news to share – they are expecting their first child. E! News is reporting that the couple, who have been through some extremely difficult times the last few months, are going to be welcoming their baby into the world in about 4 months time through a gestational surrogate, which means the baby will be the Rancics’ genetic child, but carried by another woman. This is such happy news!

Giuliana and Bill have struggled to conceive a baby for years, and sadly experienced failed IVF treatments and a miscarriage. Most of you know also that Giuliana underwent a double mastectomy for breast cancer last year. The couple will be taking the news public now about how their life is taking a happy turn.

“We are so thrilled that our prayers have been answered,” the E! News anchor and Fashion Police cohost exclusively tells us. Adds Bill, “We are absolutely ecstatic to be sharing this with everyone who has been following our journey.”

“We received an incredible amount of love and prayers from viewers around the world,” says Giuliana, “and we want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for their love.”

Ah, this is such great news for a Monday morning! I’m very happy for Giuliana and Bill. A couple of weeks ago, she also announced that her prognosis is good, and she didn’t need chemotherapy, which means that the mastectomy was a success. This couple have been through some awful, awful times, and this is just so wonderful. The happy couple and soon-to-be parents also plan to renew their wedding vows this summer, so all in all, lots of love, light and happiness. Lets send our congratulations out to these very deserving two!

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  • Laura

    How wonderful !!! I wish them all the happiness in the world

  • kendra

    Awwww! So happy for them! This baby is a long-time coming..They’re going to shower this little darling with so much love..

  • Dianna

    I’m so excited for them! I was just watching the latest episode of Giuliana and Bill this weekend where they decided to use a surrogate and the next episode they were supposed to find out if they were pregnant but I was worried since there had been no announcement but YAY! They deserve it!!

    • Hannah

      I thought the same thing and was worried too!

      I am happy for them. Watching their show recently it was heartbreaking, so I am glad things are going right for them.

  • Teri

    YAY!!! I’m so happy for them. They seem like such cool people and deserve all the best. :)

  • ClaireMichelle

    Yay! I am so happy for them! They have been through so much. I can’t wait for them to be parents! :)

  • sarahhh

    so happy for them. they’ve been so much! they deserve it.

  • Tracy

    I’m so happy for B and G this is one couple that should be parents. They have been through so much they deserve good news. GOD has smiled on them and blessed them with a truly wonderful gift. This is a perfect example that things do and will get better.

  • Sarah

    I have been watching their show from the beg. and it’s so wonderful to know that their prayers have been answered and they will soon be parents! Congrats to them!

  • Lisa Lisa

    Beyond excited for them! They have been waiting so long for this baby; they deserve it! It’s going to be so loved!

  • ChristineLA

    I am so incredibly happy for these two. I wish them nothing but love and happiness from here on out, they have certainly been through the ringer!

  • Sarah

    Oh wow, what lovely news! They deserve all the happiness this little baby is going to bring :)

  • Sarah

    I am so happy for them! I honestly wish for Giuliana to be able to carry a baby herself, but I applaud them for their brave choice on using a surrogate! Can’t wait to see the adorable little Rancic!

  • Ria

    Yay, congratulations! :)

  • Casey

    Yay! I am so incredibly happy for them! I just love Giuliana! After all she has been through, she deserves this happiness!