Who Is Justin Bieber Getting Cozy With?


Don’t worry, Justin Bieber is not cheating on his girlfriend, Selena Gomez – the 18 year old Biebs is just filming his next music vid. Just last week we got to see a teaser of his video for Boyfriend, and now, he is already working on his next one. Check out some of the pics from yesterday on the set of his new music video…

Justin’s video for his single, Boyfriend, which we got to see a short snippet of a couple of weeks back, and then a longer version last week, is a showcase of the new sexy Biebs. In one of the scenes in that video, Justin stares into the camera seductively while multiple women have their hands running down his chest. A lot of readers, and myself included, felt strange watching lil’ Justin in this way, but I guess it is like seeing a younger sibling or cousin suddenly grow up.

In his new video, for his upcoming album, Believe, Justin is also getting cozy with the ladies, but this time it looks like it is just one lady. The video seems to be set on the streets of downtown L.A. and Justin is driving a car, rubbing up against a pretty lady, wearing two different outfits, sporting bright gold sneaker and seriously coiffed hair. Which single off his new album do you think this is the music video for?

Check out some of the pics from the set yesterday…


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  • ClaireMichelle

    Talk about a Selena lookalike! I’m sure that was no accident. ;)

  • nicole

    everywhere i read has said these pics are from the set of the ‘Boyfriend’ video – not for a different song.