Victoria Beckham Tweets Pics Of Her And Daughter Harper’s Outfits Side By Side


Apologies for the bombarding of Victoria Beckham stories today, but this one is too cute not to share. We already saw earlier today that Vic is in China for the 2012 Beijing Auto Show where she will be launching the special edition Range Rover named after her. She is traveling her daughter, Harper Seven, and it has become quite clear how much Victoria loves being the mother of a little girl, as she has started posting a whole string of pics of her and lil’ Harper’s outfits, side by side. Too cute!

Vic Beckham has been tweeting voraciously this week, and luckily for her fans, she includes a great pic with each comment. Early this morning Vic tweeted.. “Travel in style. X vb” along with this pic…

And then this one… “Day 2 in Beijing! X vb”

How totally cute are these photos?? OMG the tiny shoes is what kills me! It seriously puts my ovaries into overdrive. There is no way that Harper won’t end up being a totally fashionable young lady when she has Victoria Beckham as her mom, right?

I hope Vic keeps tweeting her and Harper’s outfits each day on this trip, it is so fun, and it is ADORABLE seeing Vic this excited about having a daughter. Of course, she loves her sons which she shares with hubby, David Beckham, but there is something about a mother and daughter, and you can see this here. Victoria B is also a real girly girl, so she is clearly relishing in the fact that she can pick cute outfits and play around with her daughter’s fashion. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

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  • rOXy

    Thanks for posting! THIS is why I had high hopes VB would have a little girl when we first heard about her last pregnancy. This fulfills my mini-Posh dreams!

  • Ben@pr

    Baby Harper is so cute but why people have so much expectations of her turning into a mini fashionista? What if when she can make her own fashion choices they turn to be more Shiloh-ish?

  • Cristina

    I just want to point out the fact that mother and daughter have the same waist size.

    • Katie