‘The Golden Girls’ Fixes Everything


This post is going to be a bit self-indulgent so, please bear with me. Yesterday afternoon, I had grand expectations about getting out onto the streets of NYC and running along the Hudson River — and it was going to be PERFECT. The reality was that after a day of flying and a night of not sleeping well, I probably wasn’t ready to enjoy the run of a lifetime. After I did my work yesterday, I decided to get out and run … but after my expectations weren’t met, I ended up having a crappy day … and I have no one to blame but myself.

I have a lot of excuses as to why my run yesterday wasn’t the best (didn’t eat, didn’t sleep, blah blah blah) but in the end, I let myself psyche myself out. I started out strong then crashed out midway thru my run. Instead of focusing on the positives (the amazing weather, the beautiful scenery, the fact that I was able FOR THE FIRST TIME to run with other runners) I immediately got pissed, hated the entire run and let my mood sink into pitiful anger. I was in no mood to do anything for the rest of the day … and that is sad because I don’t get to experience NYC as much as I used to. I sat in front of the TV and found an episode of The Golden Girls. Those funny ladies cheered me up, got me out of my funk and helped me put the day in perspective:

I’ve come to the realization that I place far too many expectations on myself when it comes to running. I’ve only been running for a month and half and I already expect myself to be this perfect runner who never fails. It’s silly. It’s going to be hard but from here on out I’m going to try and just do my best and enjoy my workouts … even if they’re not perfect. I went out for a long walk last night here in Manhattan and I managed to salvage my day. You’d be surprised how much a Happy Meal from McD’s can lighten your mood ;) Never discount the power of little plastic toy prizes.

Today, David and I are going to meet our good friend Marissa and Ryan’s newborn baby boy Max. Then, I’m going to experience Central Park. I’m gonna run a bit, I’m sure I’m gonna walk a bit … but I’m going to enjoy myself one way or the other.

Happy Saturday!

  • Jas

    Congratulations on your personal evolution. Your self-proclaimed defeat at running cleared the way for an epiphany. You are doing something great for you body, mind, and soul with all of your new physical undertakings. Even that insurmountable cliff starts to erode over time. You’re absolutely right about enjoying your workouts- that’s what they should be about. Have a great Saturday!

  • annette

    I have been running for 5 years and it’s still hard every time. I’m not (nor do I aspire to be) a fast runner instead I take it slow and enjoy the weather (good or bad), the scenery and the people watching. I never run with music as I enjoy the quiet time to think or NOT think and I have no problem singing to myself to help keep the pace. I prefer running on a paved or dirt trail vs running on the street. It’s so much more peaceful.

    I consider myself a ZEN runner… and I celebrate the fact that I CAN RUN.

    Don’t be one of those runners who is often unhappy with their energy level, speed or distance. Enjoy your time out there and keep up the good work :) It’s supposed to be fun.

  • Megan

    Still love your amazing engagement ring

  • Trisha

    Trent – don’t be so hard on yourself for being hard on yourself! We all have poo poo days and get ourselves in stupid funky moods over nothing sometimes. You are usually a positive person who spreads that positivity to others through your blog. Even one so pink is allowed to be blue on occasion. Golden Girls and Happy Meals to the rescue! Tomorrow is another day ;-)

  • Randal

    Dorothy, Rose, Sophia, Blanche, Bea, Betty, Estelle & Rue are the best!!!!!!!!!! We all get down sometimes, but good thing there’s something we can find to lift us up.

  • Rory

    I so agree,Golden Girls can definitely lift a persons spirits.I have an 18 yr old daughter who I have hooked on the show and same goes for her,a bad mood is instantly changed by watching those hilarious women!.Heres to brighter days.Which I know you will have due to your wonderful fiance there by your side!

  • Grace

    Trent, I have been running for a few years, and the one thing that I’ve learned is that my best runs happen when I least expect it.
    I’m sure Sophia has a nice Sicily story with a similar lesson – hehe.