Taylor Swift May Play Joni Mitchell In ‘Girls Like Us’ Film Adaptation


There was talk for a while about Taylor Swift being cast in the film adaptation of Les Mis̩rables, but we have known for a few months now that she did not get that role, and we have seen some amazing pics of the cast in character. Now there are fresh reports that is Taylor up for another film adaptation role Рthis time to play Joni Mitchell in Girls Like Us. Obviously, nothing is confirmed, and at this stage these are mere reports, but what do you think, is this destined for casting failure or do you think it could work?

Obviously, there is a strong physical resemblance between a young Joni Mitchell and Taylor Swift. Both women have the same hair, coloring and there is even something about the eyes. They actually look like they could be related. But, clearly there needs to be a deeper reason to cast someone in a role other than aesthetics, right?

Girls Like Us , the book by Sheila Weller, tells the story of Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon in the so called soft-rock movement of the ’70s, but there was nothing mellow about their journeys. The book is set against the backdrop of the feminist movement and it’s impact on the music world, and what makes the story so fascinating from someone who really enjoyed it, was getting to know these heroines through the heartache and joy that they experienced as young women. I actually think it could make a great movie, but clearly, needs to be done well.

Sheila Weller was interviewed last year about the film adaptation, and she explained that as far as she understood, they would be using the musician’s own music, so obviously they will be working with each of their representatives. She was thrilled that her book is being turned into a film…

” So I’m so very excited that the book will be a movie, and that the movie will bring their magic, their guts, and their beautiful, culture-defining music music to younger people who don’t know them well, and who, apart from Mad Men, didn’t know how young women had to stumble and then push through in some pretty emotionally and socially crimped circumstances.”

She was also asked who she envisions playing each of the women, Carol, Carly and Joni, and she said… Michelle Williams, Evan Rachel Wood and Taylor Swift respectively.

Taylor Swift is a huge star among young audiences, and, having just moved to Beverly Hills, she is obviously working hard to turn her music stardom into a film equivalent. Like Joni, she has written famously guessed-about songs about her boyfriends. She is tall, lean, feminine, projects charisma/exhibitionism AND shy, ladylike decorousness…that was Joni in the mid-late ’60s and even early 70s. Joni is the easiest to cast, in that, as complicated as she was and is (and, man!, she was and is), on first interpretation, she fills the archetype of the lovely, sensitive, long-blond-haired girl singer (Maybe because she created that archetype), so “indication” of that now-well-understood type goes a long way; the idioysyncracies can be filled in. There are more obvious Joni’s than Caroles or Carlys among young actresses today. (Amanda Seyfried, Mia Wiakowska, Jennifer Lawrence, etc.) I’d like Taylor Swift — a superstar and a lovely girl — to embrace her Inner Joni (and what girl singer doesn;t have one?), take a ton of acting classes, and run with it, providing the highest-glow wattage for the ensemble, which will shine over the whole project. And, for those who say: But Taylor Swift’s a country singer…, well, she’s actually from Pennsylvania.

Is Taylor Swift the archetype of the “lovely, sensitive, long-blond-haired girl singer”? Hmm…. I am confused about this one. Sheila has said that Taylor would need to take a ton of acting classes and really embrace the character. We know that the author thinks that Taylor would be the perfect person to play the role of Joni, and of course her opinion is valuable, but what do you think? Would you like to see Taylor tackle the iconic, Joni Mitchell?

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  • shoesofpink

    That sounds like a disaster. Taylor Swift is cute and all, and she has her place in pop music, but to cast her as folk legend Joni Mitchell just would not do Mitchell justice in any way what-so-ever. I would be very disappointed if this came to fruition.

  • ClaireMichelle

    Wow. They do look a lot alike. But, is Taylor ready for a big role like this? I don’t know. I know she is really passionate about acting, but that doesn’t mean she will be good. But, I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt since all I have seen her in is Valentine’s Day and that hardly counted as acting. ;)

  • Iheartaustin

    Okay, I think this could be good fr Taylor, they obviously want her! So I think she should just take some classes and prepare for it. And to be fair the reason she was so… Annoying in Valentines Day was because she was acting! That was her character!! I thought she was the best part of that ensemble!

    • ClaireMichelle

      I agree on her role in Valentine’s Day. Her character was meant to be an annoying teen in love and, hey, she pulled it off! Haha. But that was such a small, silly role that I feel like I still haven’t seen her truly act. I have faith in her though. She is a hard worker.

  • Zainab

    I think Taylor would be perfect, she is gorgeous and i believe she can pull it off. :)