Jennie Garth Celebrates 40th Birthday With ‘90210’ Reunion


In the wake of the sad news about Jennie Garth and hubby Peter Facinelli’s divorce after 11 years of marriage, we celebrate happier times with the arrival of the lovely Jennie’s 40th birthday. She celebrated the mid-life milestone without her ex hubby but with her good pals, and ex cast members, from the original Beverly Hills 90210. Check out the fun pics from the birthday bash as some of the cast from 90210 come together to celebrate Kelly Taylor and of course Jennie Garth.

These pics of Jennie, Shannen Doherty and Ian Ziering are fun, right? They all seem like such great friends still, and are just so cute when they hang out together. It is like old childhood buddies reuniting. I was such a die hard 90210 fan back in the 90’s that I still see this crew as Kelly, Steve and Brenda. I only wish the rest of the cast was there too. I would love to see what Jason Priestley and Luke Perry are up to these days.

Poor Jennie must be going through a seriously stressful and emotional period dealing with her divorce from Peter, and then of course managing those ugly rumors about alleged infidelity. She also revealed to People magazine that she tried to save her marriage, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be. It is wonderful to see Jennie looking so happy in these pics. I do hope that she, and Peter, get through this hard patch and come out happy and strong in the long run. Lets send lots of birthday lurve out to the gorgeous Jennie Garth. Happy happy!


  • Natasha

    Aw, this is so sweet! I sat next to Ian Ziering at The Griddle Cafe here in L.A. and he, my friend and I had a nice conversation while eating breakfast. He was super excited to be a dad and showed us his wife’s 3D ultrasound pics on his phone. Real down to earth guy.

  • Rebecca

    I saw Jason Priestley at Costco – he looks great, too.

  • Jackie

    Jason & Luke will be at the Philadelphia Comic Convention in June. :)
    Not sure if I’m going but it’ll be cool to see them.

  • ChristineLA

    I mean, really, Ian Ziering could not age any better if he tried. That man is a medical wonder.

  • Shannon

    I was watching happily divorced when Ian ziering guest starred. Good grief, he got so ridiculously hot.

  • Jessicagiovanna

    Ian looks like he’s tryong to hump on them lol.. he looks good tho.

  • Rory

    So nice to see Ian and Shannen supporting Jennie’s new show.I know for awhile Shannen didnt get along with the cast,so this pic is a nice change!Ian definitely gets better with age.I never thought he was good looking back then(sorry,not trying to be mean,just wasnt my fave)but as he got older,definitely got more attractive

  • Vgeee

    Can you imagine what kind of money the 2 on the right must have?!?!?!? They swam in the putrid pool of 90210 for a decade and cashed those checks. Their acting was horrible, plots were ridiculous but at least they were smart enough to stay with that cash cow unlike the retarded Shannen Doherty who has to resort to doing commercials for online universities to pay the bills…..she could’ve taken that train all the way to the bank. I mean Ian is almost dumber than Brad Pitt yet he managed to hang on to his lame role as Steve….If you really think about it that show should have been declared a tax write off as a special needs show…my god was that cast a bunch of hegners.