‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Releases A Cobra Commander Poster


Back in February, we got a pretty good look at Cobra Commander in the Super Bowl trailer for this Summer’s sequel film G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Today we get to see the baddie featured in his very own character poster for the film. As you may know, Cobra Commander (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt in the original G.I. Joe film The Rise of Cobra) is the ruthless leader of the Cobra organization … bent on world domination. It’s up to the G.I. Joe special military forces to fend of Cobra Commander and his minions. Click below to see this formidable foe in his very own character poster.

Altho JGL won’t be playing Cobra Commander in Retaliation, I have high hopes that the character will be a total badass. In the G.I. Joe cartoon of the 80’s, Cobra Commander was a bit of a bumbling mess. He is much more ruthless and cunning in the comic books … my hope is that that ruthlessness will be featured in this new film. I really enjoyed the first G.I. Joe film and I am really looking forward to this sequel. Yo Joe!


  • nicole

    im excited for this movie!

  • Mark

    Saw a screening of this film Thursday night. And I HATED it. Was praying for it to be over.