Alanis Morissette Is Releasing A New Album In June


YES! YES!!! YES!!!!! At last … new music from Alanis Morissette is on the way! As you may be well aware, singer/songwriter Alanis Morissette has been out of the music biz for a few years. In that time she got herself married and became a mother of a beautiful baby boy. For the past couple of years, there’s been hope that she might be ready to release a new album of material and today we FINALLY get the good news that yes, a new album will be released … soon. In fact, according to Rolling Stone magazine, Alanis’s fully complete album will be out in June. Woot!!

Available: June Morissette wrote her new collection at home while caring for her newborn son. Nearly every tune has a monster chorus – from the ballad “Havoc” to “Celebrity,” a scathing takedown of America’s obsession with fame: “I am a tattooed sexy dancing monkey,” Morissette sings. “Yes, it was inspired by specific people,” she says. “But I’ll never talk about that, ’cause it’s just rude.”

I cannot with this news … I am BEYOND excited. Back in May of last year, Alanis released a song she wrote for her husband Mario Souleye Treadway that was titled Into A King (it was a gift for him for Father’s Day). I had a feeling that Into A King wasn’t the only new song she had written. I was really hoping that we would get an announcement that Alanis had begun work on a new album (which would mean that we would have many months to wait for its release). This news that the album is complete and will be out in mere weeks is just the best news ever!!! I cannot WAIT to hear anything from this album … first single, song snippets, whatever. Alanis has been gone, musically, for far too long. It will be amazing to have her back!


  • franki

    YES!!! SO excited!!

  • Ataylor

    I’m a long time Alanis fan, but I’m a little wary of any new material she may release. I had to stop following her Twitter feed because it seemed all she tweeted about was her church. And now this “Tatooed Sexy Dancing Monkey” in relation to fame, first impression strikes me as a swipe at someone like Gaga. And granted it’s out of context so that remains to be seen.

    So while I’m a little excited about something new, I’m also a little scared of what that might be.

  • We are beyond excited for this too – thanks for your enthusiasm for Alanis, Trent :)

  • nico
    • @nico — Yes, Sept. may be the new date. After the Rolling Stone blurb was published, new info came out that the release date might be pushed to Sept.