Watch: ‘Magic Mike’ Releases A First Trailer


Previously, we got to see a short teaser for the full length movie trailer for the much-anticipated male stripper film Magic Mike. Today, we get to see the whole enchilada, as it were. I, along with others I’m sure, was really looking forward to the release of this trailer because I, along with others, expected to see … well, some male strippers. The just-released trailer for Magic Mike does feature a tiny bit of stripping … but it also features a whole lot of non-stripping movie plot. And that’s just no fun.

I know some people were hoping that Magic Mike would be campy and cheesy much like Showgirls was/is. It would appear that that is not the case. As we can see in this trailer, the film will focus significantly on a stripper named Magic Mike (played by Channing Tatum) who wants to be more than a stripper … he wants to build furniture. I mean, yes, that’s a nice sentiment and could make a nice story but … if anyone says they are expecting anything less than male stripping, stripping, stripping from this film, they’re lying. I’m a bit bummed by this trailer, to be honest. Maybe they are easing us into the much hotter scenes in the film … maybe not. But I have to say, except for the anticipation that fans have generated in their heads, I’ve yet to see anything that has really got me excited to actually see this movie.

What do y’all think?


  • Grace

    When the best part of your trailer is Matthew McConaughey, you *may* have a problem… ;)

  • Carl

    I really really REALLY dislike that they used “We Found Love” as a promo song for this…..and this trailer kinda makes it look like yet another Channing Tatum romantic comedy, with a dash of male stripping.

  • Baybridget

    I actually think it looks fun! I can’t believe I just said that.

  • Jo-E

    It’s meant to be fun, I’m not expecting anything more awesome than some cute strip numbers and lots of bare skin….

  • Janaegal

    Yeah, I think it looks fun too, but I also hate the use of “We Found Lice”. Awful!

  • Janaegal

    Umm, love not lice. Hahaha, but I’m kind of glad I can’t fix it.

  • nicole

    im excited to see it. looks like it should be a good time.

  • Geana

    Ok I kinda want to see this movie too! Super cheesy! But that’s ok!

  • Shannon

    Im not even gonna bother clicking on this without the guarantee of seeing naked parts of joe mangianello on my screen

    • Tracy

      LOL! Yes…love Joe and the part where he hurts his back was the only part that seems kinda funny. I wish them luck but I will not be going to see this movie. No interest.

  • That reminds me, I need to rent Coyote Ugly again.

  • Megsterg

    That actually looks pretty cute. I like that it’s going to have some substance to go along with getting to see Channing strip!

  • tvpam

    Saw a screening of the finished movie about a month ago. It’s awful. The stripping scenes are really fun but few and far between. The rest is pretty much what you see here – boring people getting together. *yawn

    • @tvpam — Damnit, that’s exactly what I was afraid of :(

    • Fan

      Bullsh8t. What movie did you see. Cause i saw the same thing It was f8cking hilarious. They do stripping and it has actual plot not the bs rom com.

  • Julie

    There’s way too much of that chick in this trailer. Bring on the naked dudes!

  • J to the Da

    Dasmn that Channing Tatum for being so damn charismatic.