Lindsay Lohan Will Film Her Guest Spot On ‘Glee’ This Week


Late last month we learned that the probation-free Lindsay Lohan will be making a guest appearance on Glee this season. Today we learn that she will be filming her Glee scenes this week. According to new reports, Lindsay will be playing herself on the show … and that her scenes will be “meaty”. Yesterday, the rehabilitated Lindsay was spotted out and about in Malibu, CA pumping her own gas … is there nothing that the young woman can’t do? She’s like a new person! Read below for more deets about L. Lo’s upcoming Glee appearance.

Lindsay Lohan is getting ready to go back in school! We’ve learned exclusively that the actress will be filming her highly anticipated guest appearance on Fox’s Glee this week. So what are we hearing about Lohan’s arrival at McKinley? Sources close to the show tell E! News LiLo will start shooting later this week and that show execs have given her a “full scene,” that will consist of one day of shooting. Oh, and it’s “meaty.” Lohan will play a very important role in an episode set to air on May 15: a celebrity judge at Nationals! Yes, Lohan will be playing herself on the hit Fox show. Her rep tells us, “Everything is running like clockwork and it’s going to be a fantastic episode.”

OK … here we go. This appearance on Glee will be her first significant role in a very long time. She appeared briefly (and topless) in the film Machete a few years ago but this will be her first legitimate return to acting since all of her crazy personal drama exploded all over the place. Now that she’s in the clear, legally, she seems ready to get back to work … seriously. It sounds like Glee creator Ryan Murphy is doing everything he can to help her get her career back on track … a “meaty” role on Glee could do wonders for her. I’m keeping positive about this one. I think, at last, Lindsay has a real chance at turning her life around. Set those DVRs, y’all. May 15 is the day that we will see Lindsay back in actress as a serious actress. Do you think she will finally swim … or just sink, again?

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  • ismael llano

    I just want to say that I LOVE seeing posts like this. Not just because it shows someone trying to make a serious effort to turn his/her life around, but most importantly because Trent posts it with all the sincerity he can muster.
    It’s beyond refreshing to see a gossip blog post about a celebrity without needless snark and bitchiness.
    Thank you Trent for running a site that while “fun & frivolous,” never does so at the expense of forgetting that at the end of the day you’re writing about human beings.

  • helen

    doesn’t she own a bra?… geezz!!

  • yoga girl

    good for her! she looks beautiful! everyone deserves forgiveness and second chances!

  • norcor

    she looks sort of like lana del rey in these pics, no?

    • lori

      cuz they both have cheek and lip injections! lol.

    • Brittny-Doll

      But Lana has it looking better.