Kylie Minogue Surfaces On The Set Of What Appears To Be A Music Video In London


Hot off the press, Kylie Minogue was photographed on the set of what appears to be a new music video in London this morning. Dressed in a super cute outfit of mini jean shorts, black booties, and a leather jacket with a giant love heart on the front and a peace sign on the back, Kylie strutted around in the London drizzle, showing off her eternally youthful bod and total adorableness. Kylie is currently on her Anti Tour, and isn’t working on her new album or new material yet, as far as I know, so we aren’t quite sure what video she is filming. It is all very mysterious and intriguing. Check out our dear Kylie in action, looking cute as ever. Can you work out what she is filming?

The past few weeks we have been hearing lots of exciting Kylie news. With the celebration of her 25 years in the music business, we know that she has been planning lots of fun things including intimate concerts, orchestral re-releases of her music, and she has promised a new album with new material next year. In the meantime, Kylie is keeping super busy as she moves around the globe on her Anti Tour.

I’ve been wracking my brain to try and hazard an educated guess as to what Kylie could be filming here, but I’m honesty not sure what it is. She was in the recording studio with Jake Shears of Scissor Sisters earlier this week, so maybe this has something to do with him…!?

Jake tweeted that he was with Kylie, saying, “Together again. 2 Friends 2 Gether 4 Ever” and posted a cute pic of the two of them in the studio. Hmm…. this is very mysterious.

Check out the pics from London this morning as Kylie was photographed filming what appears to be some kind of a music video. What do you think it could be?

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  • Dennis

    LOVE HER! Insiders on Say Hey say it is actually filming for and advert. Also the Anti Tour is over. She only did Aus and England. There are rumors of a DVD of the show being released. But those rumors are plentiful in the Kyliesphear. You never know till you actually know. But there are currently no further Anti Tour dates. :(

  • Shane

    The Anti-Tour was filmed during the first show in Melbourne(I was there) so it’s definatly coming out sometime, she wore those same shorts during the Melbourne gigs and in one of the pics Doing the rounds from this video shoot Kylie bumps into a guy carrying some of her CDs and records that drop out of his arms so I guess it is an advert for the DVD or a bit of a skit for a tv special..either way I can’t wait..