Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Rumored To Be Marrying On South Of France Estate This Summer


It is only to be expected that following Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s engagement news, reports and rumors would start straight away about when the wedding of the year will take place. Tabloid reporters are already going into over drive, and soon it will become hard to distinguish fact from fiction. Today we have one such report. Hollyscoop has announced that Brangelina are going to tie the knot in the South of France this summer on a chateau on their Miraval Estate. While not totally unbelievable, it seems unlikely that Brad and Angelina will rush to wed. Who knows though, right? Read on for more of the RUMORED details and some pics of the French home of Brangelina which COULD be the site of the wedding.

Brad and Ange only went public with their engagement this week, but this hasn’t stopped the Hollywood rumor mill from firing up. We have not heard any official reports about a date for their wedding, but this is what one report is saying:

The couple has a home in southern France. Oh, did I say home? I meant freakin’ castle. Brad and Angelina’s Chateau Miraval property has recently been renovated, and rumor has it the renovations include a wedding chapel and reception hall. I mean, most of us get married at a place where there’s already a chapel and reception hall, instead of, you know, building them into our homes. But these are celebrities. Ya never know.

Here are some pics of the Miraval Estate which Brad and Ange own. Not only does it look HUGE, but it looks private, which is perfect for the Pitt-Jolie wedding. I find it slightly unbelievable that it has a reception hall, but a chapel makes sense on a french chateau.

WOW!! A wedding in the South of France on a private estate surrounded by forests and a castle doesn’t get more idyllic, does it? It is definitely fit for the royal Pitt-Jolie wedding. It actually seems like a great idea for them to marry there, and one that I can actually see Brad and Ange feasibly doing. I still don’t buy this report as being fact though, at least not at this stage. Even if this is where they eventually wed, I can’t believe that the wedding will take place as soon as this summer. I am just sure that they are going to have a long engagement, but I suppose you never know. They could surprise us all, and marry just a few months after announcing their engagement just to throw us all off.

Do you think Brad and Angelina should marry in the South of France?

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  • I think it could possibly happen on that particular estate. It’s very secluded. Although it may not have already been the case with this property, many large, older estates (usually hundreds of years old) in France will already have a small chapel on the grounds not just used for weddings but also as a peaceful space or other services.

  • debra

    That place is just stunning. So much room and privacy. I would love to get a peek at the renovations. Wherever they get married and when.. I hope they and their children are happy.